Whatsapp Group Chat Limit Increase upto 512 Group Members !!!

Whatsapp Group Chat Limit Increase upto 256 Group Members is latest updates came from whatsapp and you all know, this increase limits of group member upto 100 nos. really increase your interaction and fun twice.

WhatsApp has been a favorite social messaging apps now a days for major part of the world. But given the kind of exquisitely Indian socializing that happens here, a limit of 50 invites is just something that doesn’t match up to the mark.

Whatsapp Group Chat Limit Increase upto 256 Group Members

Therefore, WhatsApp which has been focusing on the Indian market for some time now, has increased Whatsapp Group Chat Limit Increase from 50 to 100 to 256.

WhatsApp had previously increased this limit from 15 to 50 and yet again, it has bowed down to consumers and increased  the limit again.



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WhatsApp needs to be commended for listening to consumers, even after being bought out by Facebook, which kind of imposes its own vision on consumers.

Whether WhatsApp has changed its policy on people creating a maximum of 100 groups is not yet known.

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So, friends this all about latest updates from whatsapp group chat limit increase and hope this is nice news for you. Hope you enjoy it.

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