New Save Media Option for Watsapp Android and iOS Apps

WhatsApp updated its Android and iOS apps with save media. and the usual bunch of improvements and some new features have been introduced. iOS app, Android app, while those now becomes the new text formatting options, specific chat allows for saving media. WhatsApp updated apps are now available on the App Store and Google Play Store.

WhatsApp for iOS has been updated to version 2:12:16, and one of the new features is the ability to save specific contacts or groups from the media. Photos and videos from all contacts or groups rather than saving, you can select the contact or group in particular. This feature not only the stuff on your iPhone gives you more control over being saved, but also the 16 GB model will be a boon for those with.

WhatsApp iOS and Android new option to save media, and more with text formatting Updated Apps

Media alternatives to save a group or you can click on the contact name, and you can choose from always or never default.

Other new features notifications app, which is now to pull down and to open a chat window can reply without covers. Miss call notifications are see in the Chat menu. And also other apps WhatsApp allow PDF documents to share.

As for Android, WhatsApp text bold or italic formatting options to users to create messages that are introduced. Message to bold, two asterisks (* Text *) put the text in the middle. Italic, two underscores (_text_) put under the text. Message recipients only, bold or italic text, to see if they have updated to the latest version will be able to WhatsApp.

Just like IOS, Android apps from sources other users the ability to share PDF files. In addition to the storage device, you can also PDFs from Google Drive, OneDrive, among others can share. WhatsApp recently redesigned settings menu, new emojis, and among others, including end-to-end encrypted information through its beta program has introduced new features.

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