14 facts about fake WhatsApp notification that’ll keep you up at night

14 Facts About Fake WhatsApp Notification That’ll Keep You Up at Night because Hackers are targeting Internet users with a fake WhatsApp notification email that pretends to be from WhatsApp. The Fake WhatsApp Notification email notifies the user about a new message and presents them with a ‘PLAY’ button, as shown in the image below.

Facts About Fake Whatsapp Notification

A Fake WhatsApp Notifications email is doing the rounds on the Internet, tricking users into visiting a phishing website.


Our Analysis:

What happens if a user clicks the ‘Play’ Button?
Clicking the Play button redirects the user to a malicious page. The page displays three steps for the user to earn easy money:


As you can notice, post registration the user is asked to make a deposit of £ 200 to activate their account. Once the deposit is made, the user is promised of earnings in their bank account.

Clearly, this is a clever phishing scam by hackers to trick WhatsApp users. We strongly advise users not to respond to such emails, and report/mark them as spam or phishing. During our analysis, we also found that clicking the ‘Play’ button drops a Trojan malware on the user system.


WhatsApp has clearly stated in its official page, “We do not send you emails about chats, voice messages, payment, changes, photos, or videos. You will only receive an email from WhatsApp if you initiate a conversation with us via our dedicated email channels, such as one of our support channels.”

Some Tips to Stay Away from Phishing Emails:

  1. Do not respond to emails from unknown sources.
  2. Verify the data on such emails before you act on them.
  3. Never click buttons, links, or download attachments on such emails.
  4. Be extra cautions of emails that promise you money for your personal or financial information.
  5. Be cautious against unexpected emails.
  6. Protect your system with a reliable security software like Antivirus  that blocks malicious, fraud and phishing emails.
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If you have come across any such Fake Whatsapp Notification emails, do let us know in the comments below. Stay safe!

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