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What are the best types of web servers for fast website?

Best Web Server Types: While building your website, choosing the right types of web servers hosting plan can be a tricky situation. You need to understand, which is server hosting will suit your website’s requirements the best. You need to ensure, you don’t end up wasting money for a types of web servers hosting plan that is too advanced. And at the same time you can’t sign up for a plan, that is below your website’s requirement.

Best Types Of Web Servers

In this article, we’ll try and help you understand the different Types Of Web Servers for hosting options available to you.

Shared Hosting Types Of Web Servers:

This is the most basic category of hosting web server, that one can purchase. Don’t be fooled, when we say basic because most websites around the world are hosted on Shared Types Of Web Servers.


Basically, in a shared hosting Types Of Web Servers environment, the resources of the web server are shared between all the websites. If your website doesn’t run high end applications and expects around a couple of thousand visitors a day then the Shared Hosting plans are perfect for you.

  • The benefit of inexpensiveness, no need of getting involved in technical aspects of server management.
  • Flexibility of adding storage space and server space as needed, and a navigable learning curve for beginners.

Reseller Hosting Types Of Web Servers:

Reseller hosting is a hosting service, where the account holder can divide his allocated bandwidth and disk space into different websites for end users.

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Think of this as starting your own hosting business, where you buy bulk from a hosting company and ‘resell’ it to other users at the price you decide. This types of web servers for hosting is a favorite amongst web designers, web design companies and entrepreneurs who want to start their own hosting business.

VPS Hosting Types Of Web Servers:

This type of hosting is aimed at websites that get higher volumes of traffic. VPS hosting is similar to Shared hosting where all websites are hosted in the same server but each website is given dedicated resources to utilize. So come what may, your resources will always be available to you.


This makes VPS better than shared hosting especially when you’re receiving unexpected volumes of traffic. Website owners also get root access to install and run their own applications which is a miss in Shared Hosting plans. If your website has outgrown the shared hosting service, then VPS Hosting is the next best option for you.

So, for those who operate a busy site that receives a fair deal of traffic, you would ideally want to run it on a VPS because they are typically faster and more reliable then a shared hosting server.

VPS, because of its flexibility, is ideal for web ventures that are expecting substantial traffic growth, need decent email capacity, wish to manage multiple websites and web stores, and want all business data to be 100% private.

Dedicated Types Of Web Servers:

Dedicated types of web servers is a type of hosting, that offers you the resources and capabilities of an entire server. With an entire server dedicated only to you, your website is more capable to handle higher volumes of traffic.


You also get the option of installing the operating system of your choice and the various applications that you need to support your website. Dedicated hosting is definitely more expensive than shared and VPS hosting but if your website receives loads of traffic then it is worth the investment.

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However, the ability to control the types of web servers ’s operating system usually means, That you’re responsible for everything from software support, hardware issues, and website customization.

But if you run and operate a high-security website that hosts sensitive data, dedicated types of web servers hosting is definitely the solution for you, because these services give you exclusive access to the system, and can handle large traffic loads on your website.

And even if you don’t run a large complicated website but have the requisite funding to get your own dedicated host, it is the best option, hands down.

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