PEUGEOT EV New Concept Car

Bigger foot print, Bigger internal space is main concept of this car.

For electric platforms the footprint is much better because in the same space you can have a bigger space for people – that's what helps EV maker  to create this living-room effect we want in our cars.

You have more space in more compact Peugeot EV cars.

Peugeot's new Inception Concept electric vehicle (EV)

A sweeping windscreen that extends down within a foot of the front, made possible by the battery sitting on the floor of the vehicle instead of under the bonnet.

The Hypersquare is a rectilinear device with circular holes in each of its corners that mimic the feel of a steering wheel and also features a tablet-type touchscreen.

Peugeot's design team took cues from the François-Mitterrand Library and Institut Français de la Mode in Paris when selecting the glass.

Expected to make it to mass-market Peugeot cars include chunky air vents and triple-strip headlights with a starry-sky effect panel. The Inception Concept also has oversized wheels with tubeless tires, with a color-changing marque that stays upright as the wheels turn.

A concept car has really a great role to play in the future of Peugeot and it's really important to push the boundaries and design attractive products for the future.

Image Ref: Peugeot