Mobile security apps – Best locker app for secure personal data on android

Mobile Security Apps – Best Locker App for Android Devices to Secure Personal Data because Mobile Security Apps is very important now a days. If you lost your Smartphone, tablet then it will become the most serious issue. You can buy a new Smartphone or tablet but you will lose your data. Losing a Smartphone is much more than loosing contact list that could also be recovered somehow but what’s about the necessary and private information that you lost with your Smartphone.

As the time is passing, mobile phone is becoming an essential part of our life and Mobile Security Apps, also. Now we can’t imagine our life without mobile phones. Apart from calling and texting there is lot more to do with phones.

People use Smartphone to socialize themselves on social networking sites. They stay in touch with friends, family and relatives, listen to music, shop, bank and many more things. In addition, they store personal and important information on mobile or android phones. As the popularity and number of Smartphone is increasing, Android security risk is also increasing.

Anyone can access your important documents, information including your bank account password and can use it against you or something else. There could be so many things that third-party can do with your private information.

No one can take care of your personal data more than you. You must know how to protect it from thieves and hackers. There are many applications available for Android Operating System that can help you to protect your personal and necessary information from others.

This includes locking of your phones and other apps that uses password to unlock that only you know, backup your personal data. There are Mobile Security Apps or android locker apps available that you can download from Play Store and take a step ahead to secure your important and personal documents or information.

Mobile Security Apps for Android Devices

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Here is the list of  Best Locker Apps


AppLock is one of the best android locker app. AppLock gives you the ability to secure your mobile phone’s data and the applications installed with pin or password. This will only allow the access if you know the correct password or pin. You can apply the pattern lock for mobile security apps that are installed on your Android device and customize it with the background of your choice. This will deny the access from the authorized users.


This app will prevent others to use your phone from receiving incoming calls, accessing phone’s setting, installing or uninstalling apps.

Download :AppLock for Android

Smart App Protector

Smart App Protector is the wonderful app that will protect your Smartphone from intruders.  You can lock the smartphone apps that you want to with different locking methods like pass code, pin, pattern lock or gestures. This phone locker app also provides the remote control and customized themes.


This smartphone mobile security apps monitor each unlocking of mobile apps and on failed result, captures the screenshots of intruders that tried to unlock the app but failed due to wrong password or pattern. This app will capture them by the front camera and let you know about them.

Download : Smart AppLock

Smart Lock

Smart look give you the ability to lock the apps as well as the media files and documents. You can easily protect your important documents, photos with Smart Lock.

This mobile security apps has tabs to provide lock on different things. The ‘app’ tab lists all the android apps installed in your phone and allows you to lock the app that you want.  The ‘media’ tab shows all the music files, audio clips, video clips, images and you can protect them by applying lock.


When any app is locked, Smart App automatically denies the access of uninstalling that app. To uninstall, you must need to unlock the lock.

Download : Smart Lock

Perfect App Protector

Perfect App Protector also has the same features of locking the app as well as not allowing the app to delete before unlocking it. This android security app has a unique and useful feature of Stealth Mode that hides the app from the launcher.


This locker app provides rotation lock, fake fingerprint scanner, screen filter and fake error pop-up.  The fake fingerprint scanner and fake error pop-up acts as a dummy to protect the actual unlock screen and proving a error message whenever you try to open a locked app.

Download  Perfect App Protector

Visidon AppLock

Visidon AppLock uses the facial recognition technique. This mobile security apps will lock any app installed in your phone by recognizing your face as password.  You are also required to provide an alternative password in case of failure of facial recognition in order to unlock the app.

This app recognizes the registered face as your password so it will be better if you scan your face at least three or four times from different angles so that this app will recognize face as the registered face. This security app also provided the feature of unauthorized deletion of any application.

Download Visidon AppLock

avast! MobileSecuirty

avast! Mobile Security provides a wide range of security to your Smartphone. Apart from virus app, it also gives the feature to lock the apps. This app is completely free.

This app keeps your mobile phone secure from malware, spyware and even from thieves. It gives tools like virus scanner, virus removal, app manager, app lock and many more.

With the lock and memory wipe feature, this mobile security apps also secures your mobile phone from unauthorized users.

Download: avast! MobileSecuirtyaaps

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So, Friends this is all about how to protect your personal mobile data with above mentioned mobile security apps. Hope you people like it. and if you have any more suggestions or you are aware of other then above mentioned mobile security apps, put in comments bellow.

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