Setting Up site in WordPress and writing Homepage

As you all know I am working on my First affiliate site I started just after starting kadvacorp.com. Recently I completed the Niche research and now It was the time to setup the site and write the homepage.

As I was going to give the site A static homepage with all the important information about it on the homepage and in blog section, I was going to run a blog.

So, I setup the static homepage and started writing content on it. So, What content I wrote on the homepage and How I initially optimized it? Here is the answer.

Why Static homepage?

Answer may be different from every marketer and here is my explanation to why Static homepage for niche site. As it’s micro niche, I want to rank only 1 page of my site which is homepage.

Because of that, I have to optimize my homepage for the keyword to rank it. But, If I will show blog on the homepage of my site, I don’t think it will be much optimized for the keyword for which I want to rank. It is because content will change on the homepage day to day if I will Show blog on the homepage.

Moreover, If it’s blog on the homepage, I can’t maintain the keyword density (Not much important) or number of words (May be) or the main thing is coupon. It is because the content on the homepage will change day to day.

That’s why, I decided to write the static homepage. Of-course the Content management system is WordPress which is being used by more than 50% site that are online.

WordPress is such a CMS that anyone can setup easily and can work on it easily. Again, There are two wordpress namely wordpress.com and wordpress.org.

WordPress.com is the platform on which you can make blogs for free. But there will be “WordPress” in the domain name you will get which might decrease the Authority of your blog. There are upgrades available if you pay them.

While WordPress.org is also free of cost moreover it’s open source. You can use it on your server and you can download wordpress from wordpress.org. WordPress is just a group of files written in PHP basically. We are not going to programming in deep and let’s move to topic again.

So, To maintain the optimization for the keyword I want to target and to make it look authority, I selected the static homepage instead of dynamic one.

What Are the plugins I installed on wordpress?

You might be thinking that what Basic things I am teaching here. But, The plugins you install on your wordpress matters. Some plugins might be so bad that the plugin alone can make your site go down. Or may be decrease the speed of your site.

  • Contact form 7 : For Quick Contact forms!
  • Easy Table : To make tables easily.
  • Genesis simple share : The sharing plugin I love.
  • Image sitemap : To index and rank Images too!
  • Lazy load : I don’t want 2G users or users having internet connection problems like me to wait till the all images get loaded. Lazy load will improve the speed of my site a lot!
  • Mailpoet Newsletters : I don’t want to end up with 1 time commission. I am gathering Emails to send them More affiliate coupons of other important products.
  • W3 Total cache : Not much Important but I did.
  • WordPress Popular posts : To show popular posts on blog.
  • WP review : First I need to review the Product I am promoting so that users can decide that wheter to go with the product or not. I am completely transparent to users in this case, I didn’t give fake ratings.
  • WP Smush : To compress the image size while uploading. So that they can load faster.
  • Yoast SEO : To set metas and titles and Sitemaps with ease!

By this, You might be thinking that Why I give Much importance to Site speed. It is because, more your site is fast, More you will rank on the SERPs.

In total, I have installed 3 plugins to indirectly improve the speed of the site to rank it faster. I believe a lot on site speed and it should be higher not for only micro niche site but also your brand sites like I have https://www.arkitecture.org, technowlogy.org.

Which theme I selected for my AS 1?

As I told you, I give much importance to website speed. I have installed Genesis as Parent theme and Focus pro as child theme. It’s very light theme and I like it a lot for Niche sites.

Here is the screenshot of the speed of my Affiliate site 1. This is not achieved after some tries but I’ve entered the first for the first time on the pingdom. So, this is the slowest time to get loaded. If i will try once again, It will be around 500ms.

Now I am confident that No other site may have this much loading time. So, my chances to rank on the target is higher. I am still working harder to make perfect homepage.

I have created a blog section in “http://www.domain.com/blog” and homepage ofcourse at root. So, this was how I setup the Affiliate site 1.

IMPORTANT UPDATE : One of the page of my Affiliate site was found on #24 position in google for India and US which are the most important countries for my niche. Moreover, the page was Hello world! which is default of wordpress. Yet, Homepage is not updated after updating the meta description and changing the homepage to static. Once homepage will be updated in google, It will start ranking on the 3-5th page of the google with total 800 words of content and 0 backlinks. I am happy with the result.

If you have any questions related to this, Just comment it down!!! I will surely solve your questions. Moreover, Share this on social media to help me spread the Knowledge for free.

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