Semi-Trailer Truck Collision: Things To Do

Did you know? A semi-trailer truck accident case is more complex than that of one involving a passenger car. Why? Because there are many components involved, such as the following:

  • load manifests
  • truck maintenance records
  • driver logs

All of these details need to be thoroughly checked to find out the leading cause of the collision. The number of people involved can also complicate the negotiation process for a settlement. Therefore, details and information regarding the following parties are required:

  • truck driver
  • truck driver’s company
  • truck’s manufacturer

Things are even more difficult if each party vehemently denies any liability. So, these types of accidents will also involve several layers of insurance coverage that can be difficult to deal with. So what are the things you need to do if you get involved in a truck accident?

What You Need To Do After A Truck Accident

There are five essential things you need to do to protect your health and legal right to compensation. First, always remember that a personal injury claim for compensation starts immediately after a crash. Here are the things you need to do:

● Call the authorities.

The priority is everyone’s safety, so you need to call 911 or law enforcement to address emergencies immediately. In addition, you need to get a copy of the responding officer’s report because this will be used as evidence for any future legal claim. Finally, remember to answer all questions briefly, concise and truthful.

● Get contact information and insurance details.

You need to get all the essential information of the people involved, such as names, phone numbers, email addresses and insurance information. You can also get the name and contact information of the trucking company and the truck’s owner, especially if the driver is not the owner.

Aside from the contact information, you may also take photos and videos of the license plate and any numbers on the trailer. However, when you gather this information, do not discuss any details of the crash.

You can also get the contact information of witnesses so that they can help testify just in case.

● Take photos and videos.

The more evidence or proof you have, the stronger your claim. Take photos and videos of the scene. You can include your car, the truck that hit you, skid marks, road signs and even your injuries if you have any.

● Get medical treatment

Seek treatment even if you are not feeling anything. Then, your doctor will be able to check if you sustained any injuries or not thoroughly. In addition, your medical records will be used as part of your case.

● Talk to a lawyer

A committed truck accident attorney can assist you with a semi-trailer accident claim. You need to call them as soon as possible so that their legal team can start investigating your crash. In addition, they can help preserve evidence and handle all the communication between you, the trucking company, and insurers.

What Are the Common Causes of Semi-trailer Truck Accidents?

Several reasons can cause truck accidents. One of the most common causes is speeding. In addition, truck drivers are often forced to drive within a tight schedule. Combining this with other factors, such as bad weather, traffic jams, and poor road conditions is a recipe for an upcoming disaster.

Another cause is when drivers are distracted, for example, when they are on their phones. Or, if they are under the influence of alcohol or drugs, their decision-making abilities and reaction times are impaired.

What If You Are Also at Fault?

If you are partly at fault for causing a truck accident, you may still be entitled to compensation. But, if you are found to be partially at fault, your damages award needs to be decreased by your percentage of fault and trucking companies and insurers will try their best to push the blame on you to reduce the value of your claim.


A semi-trailer truck collision can be devastating for everyone involved. The damages and losses can be massive, and you may get lost and confused when filing for a claim. So whether you are the driver of the car or truck involved, having an attorney on your side can help you build a solid case to receive the compensation you deserve.

Moreover, it would be best if you remembered that there’s only a limited window when filing a personal injury claim after being involved in a truck accident. The statute of limitations for such claims in Texas is two years from the date of injury. So make sure to file a claim within two years, or you will be unable to receive any compensation. So whenever you find yourself in this kind of situation, immediately contact an accident lawyer to assist you.

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