CIVIL coin review Scam?, It’s not easy to differentiate fake cryptocurrencies from real ones. Here are five red flags an investor should look for.

HIGHLIGHTS of Civil coin

  • Investors have lost more than million in civil coin crypto scam.
  • One must not take crypto coins based on social media trends seriously.
  • Always do a thorough background check before investing.

CIVIL coin review, Civi coin price, Civil Crypto Coin scam?

Crypto is not quick money. Some know it. Others are learning it the hard way. There have always been concerns around lack of regulations on crypto and the inclination of youngsters towards it, without realising the consequences.

A prime example of this is the recent civil coin crypto scam where investors lost millions of dollars.

Had a crypto coin named after it within days. It was bought and sold online, giving nearly 1000+ per cent returns in five days. Where did it come from? Who created it? Did the makers of the show back it? Nobody bothered to check.

Civil Coin Price

1000 % increased but the end of the day is zero no value.

Do a thorough background check

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum have been around for a decade and have stood the test of time.

Their founders and teams are continuously working behind the scenes to make them better.

That’s not the case with all cryptocurrencies. For example, Dogecoin creators abandoned it years ago.

So, you need to do a thorough background check to understand the history of any cryptocurrency and also its sustainability.

Check the website carefully

  • A major red flag in the case of most cryptocurrencies is their website.
  • Any fake coin would have a recently created website with possible errors in its URL.
  • These can be fundamental errors or grammatical errors

Don’t trust every communication

  • WhatsApp messages and emails are the easiest way to target potential investors.
  • Several people have complained of being added to crypto-related WhatsApp And Telegram groups if they show interest in cryptocurrencies on the internet.
  • Most of these groups and emails promise easy investment options and great returns.

Civil Coin Scam?


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