7 Inspiring Ideas for Creative Event Lighting

If you’re looking to add some extra flair to your upcoming event, consider using creative event lighting. You don’t even have to be a professional event planner to create an unforgettable event. With the right event lighting, you can transform a space and set the mood for any occasion. Whether you’re planning a wedding, birthday party, or private party, a little creativity can go a long way in setting up the perfect lighting that your guests will love.

7 Inspiring Ideas for Creative Event Lighting

Here are seven ideas to help you take your event lighting to the next level.

1. Use LED Colored Lights to Create a Fun and Festive Atmosphere

Adding colorful LED lights around your event space is a great way to create a fun and festive atmosphere. You can use them to highlight specific areas of the room or even string them up around the room’s perimeter. You can also incorporate LED lights into your decor for a modern twist. You can use them to light up centerpieces or arrangements, outline doorways, and windows, or create floating sculptures in water features.

For an extra twist, add some LED neon lights into the mix for a truly unique look. Neon lights are perfect for nightclub-themed parties. Whether you want to add some color or simply want to make a statement, creative event lighting with LED and neon lights is sure to impress your guests and bring your space to life.

2. Hang String Lights Around the Perimeter

String lights are always popular for events because they’re versatile. They can be hung overhead, around the perimeter of a room, wrapped around objects, or draped along tables and chairs. No matter how you use them, string lights will add a warm and inviting glow to your event space. Fairy lights are also versatile and can be used indoors or outdoors.

They add a touch of whimsy and can be hung in strands or wrapped around trees, columns, or other architectural features. They’re best used in small spaces or as accent lighting since they don’t give off a lot of light, making them perfect for events that are taking place in the evening or at night.

3. Place Candles Throughout the Venue to Create a Romantic Ambiance

Candles always create a romantic and intimate atmosphere. For an extra touch of elegance, use candelabras or chandeliers adorned with crystals. Candles can be placed on tables, around the edge of a dance floor, or in fireplaces. You can even place them in water features like fountains or pools. If you’re using candles outdoors, use lanterns to protect them from the wind.

For a unique look, try using colored candles or patterned votives. You can even get creative with the way you arrange them. Instead of placing them in traditional formation, try clustering them together or arranging them in a line.

4. Highlight Certain Areas of the Room

Uplighting is a simple but effective way to enhance your event space. Use it to accentuate architectural features, illuminate tablescapes, or highlight the walkway leading into your venue. You can even use it to create a unique look for your dance floor. If you want to get really creative, try using gobos to project images or patterns onto the floor or walls.

Designer floor lamps are also a great way to add some style and sophistication to your event space. They complement your uplighting and can be used to highlight specific areas. Use them to flank the entrance of your venue or place them around the room to add some extra light.

5. Place Flood Lights around the Perimeter of the Room to Create a Dramatic Effect

Floodlights are a great way to add some drama to your event space. You can use them to light up the outside of your venue or place them around the room’s perimeter. They cast a wide beam of light, making them perfect for large spaces. Just be sure not to overdo it, or you’ll end up with a glare. Flood lights are perfect for events such as concerts, festivals, and outdoor parties.

6. Use Statement Chandeliers to Add Some Wow-Factor to Your Event Space

Chandeliers always make a statement. They come in various styles, so you can find one that fits the theme and decor of your event. For a more traditional look, choose a chandelier with crystal accents. For a modern twist, try a geometric or oversized chandelier. You can even get creative with the way you hang them.

Instead of suspending them from the ceiling, try suspending them from the branches of a tree or cascading them down a staircase. Chandeliers are a great way to add glamour and sophistication to your event space. Use them in events like weddings, galas, and black-tie affairs.

7. Using Unique Fixtures or Hanging Lights in Unexpected Places

You can also try using unique fixtures or hanging lights to add some visual interest to your event space. You can use pendant lights or lanterns in unexpected places like above the bar, in the restroom, or outside the venue. You can even get creative by using everyday objects like vases, bottles, or mason jars to create one-of-a-kind looks.

The most important thing is to create an ambiance that reflects the theme and mood of your event. There are no rules when it comes to lighting, so get creative and have fun.


Creative event lighting can really transform the look and feel of any event. It can add an extra layer of excitement, drama, or romance. If you’re planning an event, don’t forget to consider the role that lighting can play in making it truly special. Go ahead and try some of the ideas above to see what a difference they can make.

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