How to Make Digital Microscope out of Your Smartphone Camera Lens

Have you think about anytime Digital Microscope in hand. That your Smartphone Camera also give a Digital Microscope Functionality. Just little trick with smartphone camera lens. We get microscope camera in use.

BLIPS, a set of thin, stick on lenses. That turn your cell phone into a portable, digital microscope. Also are a brilliant reminder.

Know more Smartphone Tricks.

Digital Microscope out of Smartphone Camera Lens

digital microscope,

The microscope camera lenses are currently available on Kickstarter (the cheapest price is €20). And come in a pack for both micro and macro shots.

blips digital microscope

These smartphone camera lens attachment stick on with reusable adhesive. And are slim enough (between 0.5 millimeters and 1.2 millimeters thick.) to fit into your wallet.

And if the example shots are anything to go by. They produce fantastic microscope photography results.

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