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Facts about Israel: Did you know about secrete Israel Facts and Info about Israel news. Here I collect some of the most important facts about Israel religion, Israeli culture, history of Israel, Israeli economy, etc. Israel, a country surrounded by enemies on all sides. Such as the tongue between teeth. Taking a look at the views, then pluck the eyes of Israel has the power.

Israel Facts and Info

Israel is the world’s newest state (nation, state identity and existence with the hypothesis) is 67 years old. In terms of investment in the US is second. has reached its readers that Special Israeli facts or 26 points, which Israeli facts make them special…

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2). It is Israel Facts that 1/6 portion of the land of Israel, the Middle East is even less than 1 percent. Israel’s population is equal to a half in New York. And half of land in Lake Michigan.

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3). Israel from its birth till 7 battles fought. He has won the maximum. In the world in terms of percent of Israel’s GDP is spent on defense.


4). The Israeli Air Force is the air force in the world number four. Only the US, Russia and China is the beyond. Israeli air force fleet of 250 F-16 fighter planes in which in case of any attack, not just in responding Skshn, but any enemies have the ability to ruin the moment Bl. They proved the world has seen many wars.


5). Israel is the only country in the world, which is equipped with the entire anti-ballistic missile defense system. Israel Facts that in any part of the rocket fire death means. In the same way, every missile towards Israel dies.


6). Israel is the world’s 9 countries, has its own satellite system. It runs using the drones. Israel does not share with any of your satellite system.


7). Israeli bank-issued notes can visually recognize, because it is also used for Braille.


8). Israeli domestic computer use is number one in the world in terms. The world’s first phone company Motorola and Microsoft Israel was created in the first Pentium chip was made in Israel. Moreover, the voice mail technology was developed in Israel.


9). First antivirus in the world, making the first in Israel in 1979. Microsoft and Cisco in its research center outside the US in Israel enacted only.


10). Israel Facts that they are ranked third in the world for business. More than 3,000 Israeli high-tech company, which is the highest in the world (except for Silicon Valley) is.


11). Israeli diamond center of whole cell business. Any country of the world, cutting and polishing of diamonds is the highest. Officials in Israel are among 137. Near the Israeli coast is just 273 km.


12). Israel Facts that has the world’s largest refugee shelters. Tele born Israeli citizenship to Jews around the world have access to. That whenever there are bus.


13). Israeli Air Force in 1991, 1984 and 2200 Ethiopian Jews seeking refuge from the plane and brought them to Israel. The world is the only case where the refugees were not just saved, but like every Jew the right to equal them.


14). Israeli Hebrew language is a language only in the world, which has been reborn. Hebrew and Arabic is the official language here.


15). Israel is the world’s only Jewish state. According to its birth the new (67 years). Middle East, Israel is the only liberal democracy.


16). Small country like Israel, 37 political parties participated in the election year of 2013. Israel is the only country in the Middle East, where women have achieved equality with men.


17). The great scientist Albert Einstein Israeli side was invited to become president. Einstein was asked in 1952 to become president, he politely declined.


18). Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir was Prime Minister, was the third woman of any country in the world.Golda Meir became prime minister in 1969.


19). Israeli news media have the most freedom in the Middle East countries. Israel finds media coverage than any country in the world.


20). In terms of university education in Israel is the highest in terms of population. Even in a population of 10 thousand 109 research papers are published. Which is the highest in the world. Even in the case of books per capita than most books are printed.


21). There are now 40 stores in Israel. Each book provides the government delivers. A copy of every book published in Israeli Library contained in the Jewish National University.


22). Israel produces the required 93 percent of the foods themselves. Israel is almost self-sufficient in food.Per capita in Israel Vegetables, fruit consumption is highest.


23). The law is a crime for Jews in Ijray piggery. Every citizen has followed.


24). There are 2,000 places of archaeological importance in Jerusalem alone. Which is the highest compared to any city in the world.


25). Israel 9 out of 10 home solar energy use. The more solar energy is used to heat water.


26). Israel decided to underweight from overweight at any beauty contest is not to participate in. Less weight means fitness is not here at all. 40 per cent of the total number of Israeli lawyers are women.

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So, Wingers – this is all Israel facts and information, that most of us may don’t know. Hope these Israel facts may improve your knowledge in some how. And also help to get direction to take our action on next steps of life.

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