Azerbaijan Pavilion project concept for Milan Expo

Earlier we already seen Winning design of Thai pavilion and German pavilion for expo 2015. Now we introduce one more participant of Milan expo 2015.

Three Milan based firms, Simmetrico Network, Arassociati Architecture and AG&P landscape architecture studio have been assigned the design and construction of the Azerbaijan pavilion for Milan Expo 2015.

Azerbaijan pavilion for Milan Expo 2015

Now friends we see some interesting facts and project concept, with their architectural and engineering exploration for Azerbaijan pavilion. Simmetrico is a research center specialized in the conception and management of events and spaces like museum projects,

Expo pavilions and event concepts with experience in Azerbaijan, Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

A variety of basic architectural shapes make up the design of the pavilion, with light and transparency being essential elements that create a unique atmosphere inside the space. Horizontal wooden bands form a ‘skin’ around the structure, allowing natural daylight to penetrate to the inside and reduce energy consumption.

Azerbaijan pavilion,Azerbaijan pavilion,

The north facing facade is not covered, to enhance passive climate control and energy saving. Entrance to the pavilion is through a large, open plan atrium that will double as an event space.

From here escalators lead to three separate levels, each representing a different biosphere.

Azerbaijan pavilion, Azerbaijan pavilion,

Installations on the first floor illustrate the geographic situation of Azerbaijan, the second level concentrates on the biodiversity of the 9 climatic areas in the country. The third focuses on culture, tradition and innovation.

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