Practical Advice to Make Kitchen Stylish and Functional

How to make Kitchen Stylish and Functional? Architect Dipen Gada give their practical advice to make kitchen stylish and functional. In HT Beautiful homes section. Dipen gada put their view about Indian Kitchen. In India, kitchen is soul of home. We bring efficiency to home with stylish and functional kitchen. While resolving the kitchen layout. It is important to consider every aspect. Starting with the placement of sink. Preparation area and hob. The placement of fridge and the service points for water, electricity and gas.

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Make Kitchen Stylish and Functional.

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Modular kitchen, is a modern technique. That facilitates the effective usage of the spaces in pre-made cabinets.

Here is some practical advice on creating a kitchen stylish and functional.

  • A kitchen should be well lit and airy.
  • There must be provision for cross ventilation.
  • Lighting should be adequate for working in the kitchen.
  • The material for shutter finish should be water resistant, stain-free, dust-free and scratch resistant.
  • Get quality shutter hinges, drawer channels. And soft closer mechanism for the kitchens’ smooth functioning.
  • Functioning menu plug points are necessary. So the user can have electricity wherever he needs it.
  • The corners of the kitchen counter can serve as the dining area or high breakfast table.
  • When it comes to kitchen islands. Its use can be multiple. And it offers a flexibility of use from either side For counters.
  • Granite is the best option, keeping in mind our Indian style of cooking.
  • But, Corian is also gaining popularity. Due to wide variety of color options and contemporary look.
  • Corian needs to be handle carefully. As it could get scratches and has low heat resistance.

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So, Wingers – The work triangle (stove, sink and refrigerator). Or makes preparation action of meal so much simpler. Don’t we all want an efficient kitchen? For a smaller nuclear family of two to six members, an open kitchen is an excellent idea. Have a thoughts on it, share with us.

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