How to change WhatsApp storage settings without rooting phone

Simple Steps to Change WhatsApp Storage to SD Card without Root: How To Change WhatsApp Storage To Memory Card Without Root. You cannot make your SD card as the default storage area for your WhatsApp media. Upon installation, WhatsApp automatically creates certain directories in your internal SD, for it’s data. This is where it saves the media you send and receive, and the conversation backups that you might need later. Currently, WhatsApp provides no option for users to change the directory, where photos and other media are stored.

How to Change WhatsApp Storage to Memory Card?

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Most developers choose to use the internal SD card because it is easier to use and causes less confusion as compared to external SD cards. Only One option for you, in this case would be to manually copy WhatsApp Storage the media to your SD card.

How To Change WhatsApp Storage?

By default we cannot Move “Whatsapp” to external storage,but this small trick will make it possible

Let’s start: How to move whatsapp to memory card?

Download latest version of android SDK from here and extract it.

Download drivers for your phone here.

Next we will be tweaking some internal settings Proceed at your own risk.

Connect your phone to PC In USB Debugging mode (Settings>Applications>Development).

Now goto the location where you extracted it and run with command prompt (Press windows key and type cmd) adb.exe

Then run the command to check if the device is connected or not devices –l –

Now run – adb shell.

Finally run – pm set-install-location 2.

or if this doesn’t works run – pm setInstallLocation 2.

Now exit and Finish The process

Now finally goto your phone’s Setting > applications > whatsapp and you can see.


To revert back follow the same steps and run the command. pm set-install-location 0

Try At your own risk

How to change WhatsApp storage settings?

How do I change the default downloading of WhatsApp data in an SD card instead of internal memory?

WhatsApp storage problem.

Insufficient space on the device.

Unable to install WhatsApp due to insufficient space on your Mobile.

Go To Setting – Application – Google Play Store – clear cache and clear date.

Clear device cache by going to Settings > Storage > tap on Cached Data.

Samsung Device – Use To Smart Manager Go to Storage – Delete unnecessary data , such as cached, residual, adverting file.

WhasApp storage location.

Android user – storage/emulated/0/WhatsApp,

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  • To which Android versions does this article apply? My Sony Xperia SP has Android 4.3, which I did not manage to give the option to move to SD Card. Running “pm get-install-location” in adn confirmed that the value had changed to “2[external]”, but it had no visible effect.

  • I don’t think this is right. when you install the android SDK, there is no file adb.exe anywhere… so the instructions fall over at the first hurdle.

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