Floating Restaurants on the Water in Goa by SMD architects in India

Do you have an experience of dinner on the restaurants on the water? Or Water front restaurant? I really assured you, the experience of taking a dinner in the restaurants on the water, with your loved one. If the place like Goa in India is awesome. Here we see one fine example of floating restaurants on the water. This Waterfront restaurant is design by SMD Architects, and SDM architects restores a steel barge in Goa, India. into a floating restaurant.

Floating Restaurants on the Water in Goa, India.

restaurants on the water,

SDM architects have renovated a simple floating steel barge into a luxury restaurant on the water and bar.

The firm drew upon their experience in steel construction work, by implementing their knowledge from past architectural projects into the form of a floating vessel.

restaurants on the water in goa india

The restaurants on the water project used wood from large dismantled ships in India. to restore the 4,000 sq ft. deck and 2,500 sq ft. top floor.

The boat was originally used in Mumbai, India, and has now been transferred to the western state of Goa, along the Arabian Sea.

restaurants on the water by smd architects in goa waterfront restaurant in goa india

Design Brief of Restaurants on the Water.

SDM architects divided the waterfront restaurant into three main sections.

  • Lower floor.
  • Deck.
  • Top floor.

floor plan of floating barge restaurants on the water

The lower floor is used as a kitchen and pantry. And the top floor is as evening lounge area of waterside restaurant.

The dining area and bar is situated at mid-level underneath a small canopy, which provides shade and shelter from sun and rain.

steel barge floating restaurants on the water construction process

The flat-bottomed boat restaurants on the water, allows the customer to stand just a little above the surface of the water.

That waterside restaurant provides an unobstructed perspective of the panoramic views. Which reach out towards the horizon line.

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