How to prepare for JEE without stress?

You want to get tagged as an IITian? Want to see your parents feel proud of you? JEE (Joint Entrance Exam) will take you closer in satiating your dream. This entrance exam is conducted by CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Examination), is considered one of the most difficult exams all over the world. Success and good rank in JEE is the stepping stone in the life of all the engineering aspirants. The constant pressure of performing well in cracking the exam tend to make the students dead stressed.


JEE entrance exam is conducted in two levels JEE main & JEE Advanced. Students can apply online for JEE Advance Registration, the online application form of JEE Advanced gets issued by IIT.

It’s said that the CBSE syllabus for class 12 and the syllabus for JEE is quite similar. The students have to clear and score good marks in both the exams in order to get admission in IITs, NITs and other top private engineering colleges. No matter how good you prepare for the exam, you tend to get a lot jittery and the anxiety level rises as soon as you move towards the D-day of the exam.

The following points, will give you an insight as why JEE is the toughest exam ever:

  • The number of students who appear for this exam rises to more and more with each year, in comparison to the seats offered at IITs.
  • Huge number of seats are reserved under various quotas among the seats offered to the general category students.
  • The syllabus for JEE is huge consisting of maths, physics and chemistry. The preparation for the vast syllabus has to be finished within just mere 2 years.
  • The question paper for the exam has 180 questions which needs to be completed in just 90 minutes. This is a hell of a task as you have to divide the time smartly for each questions and save some for revision as well.

Thinking about the above points makes the engineering aspiring students very much tensed and that adds to the stress factor.

How can you handle the stress and get success positively?

Well it is pretty natural to get a little bit of tension for every student during any given exam. Thus, performing well in JEE without stress, considering how hard it is, can be controlled by incorporating some useful tips during your preparation. The tips are mentioned below for your understanding.

  • The first problem faced by students while starting their preparation is getting a good coaching centre having the best faculty. If you plan and get yourself enrolled in one, then your journey begins on a good note.
  • Start the preparation in advance, so that you get to finish the extensive syllabus. Then later you can have ample time for your revision work.
  • The study plan should be very smartly handled, first get the concept of all the subjects cleared. The proper knowledge of the subjects will save you from the jitters.
  • Get the best study material. The tested and tried IIT JEE books referred by your mentors will definitely ensure that you are moving on the right track.
  • Prepare a timetable, and divide time required for preparation for each subject on a daily basis. Also get time for breaks during your study all chalked out on the time-table.
  • Rest properly and dedicate yourself to at least 8 hours of sleep daily. Include green vegetables in your daily diet. These will keep your mind fresh and will be beneficial to your health to keep the stress away.
  • Include exercise and meditation in your daily routine. so that you can stay rejuvenated and have the concentration power increased. Check ut Nata


By following the above points, you can surely keep the stress factor at bay. Another wonderful tool is available with name of JEE Main Rank Predictor. It allows candidates to estimate the rank which they might achieve in the exam, based on board marks and anticipated JEE Main exam score. This helps the students in controlling their stress related to JEE main results.

Hence, believe in yourself, develop confidence and work diligently without building unnecessary pressure on yourself. All the Best to you!!

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