How many Hours of Exercise Need, If you are an Office Workers?

Research on office workers, says that if you are an work in any office more or at least eight hours daily. And you are not doing daily one hour of exercise, than you have a risk of death increase by 60%. Scientist says that this type of office workers life style (sedentary) cause more heath problems then smoking. And that were causing more deaths than obesity. So, Friends now the question is – What to do by Office Workers? Those office workers spent their day time by sitting and working around eight hours daily.

News about Health of Office Workers.

office workers,

Here are some collective suggestions for office workers, which will help to increase their productive hours with health issues.

Lead scientist Professor Ulf Ekelund, from Cambridge University and the Norwegian School of Sports Sciences, said: “We found that at least one hour of physical activity per day, for example brisk walking or bike cycling, eliminates the association between sitting time and death.”

A decent walk – at a speed of just over three miles an hour – was enough to achieve the benefit, he stressed.

Personal Fitness chart for health living

Office Workers Need It Seriously for Their Healthy Life.

  • Supporting more community walking groups.
  • Getting doctors to prescribe exercise for patients.
  • Encouraging employers to bring in standing desks.
  • it is getting out for a walk at lunchtime.
  • Going for a run in the morning or cycling to work.
  • To avoid staff having to sit all day.
  • This subject will include physical education.
  • Office workers should get up and stretch their legs for five minutes every hour
  • Place bus stops further apart to encourage more walking on the way to and from stops, as has been tried in Colombia, Brazil and in Cambridge.
  • Build public gyms in parks and offer free classes.
  • Close streets to cars at weekends to encourage walking cycling and sport, as has been done in Columbia.
  • Introduce a minimum of three hours physical education a week in primary and secondary schools.
  • Personal Fitness Chart for Healthy Living Life in Full Pace.

Ref : The Lancet.

Cancer and heart disease were the two most likely causes of death linked to inactivity of Office Workers.

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“You don’t need to do sport, you don’t need to go to the gym, it’s OK doing some brisk walking maybe in the morning, during your lunchtime, after dinner in the evening. You can split it up over the day but you need to do at least one hour,” he said.

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