Secret tips to save fuel consumption: How to save money on Petrol and Diesel

Secret Tips To Save Fuel Consumption, And How To Save Money On Petrol And Diesel expenditure of your car monthly bill. Here are some best ever or you can say – secrets tips and tricks about save your car fuel consumption, in your routine. These tips about Save Car Fuel Consumption is not put on you, any kind of extra burden, But just twik your habits – when you drive the car and you can save lots of money on petrol and diesel.

Tips To Save Fuel Consumption – How To Save Money On Petrol And Diesel

Release Accelerator at High Speed

Release Accelerator at High Speed

Whether it is bike or car, when you are at speed above 60 KMPH, stop pressing accelerator. Your vehicle is already in inertia of motion, so it will continue to go for another up to 1 km without any fuel.

This has been confirmed in the manuals of many car manufacturers like Maruti and Honda. When your speed decreases, press accelerator for some time to gain speed and then again release the accelerator.

Turn On Air Conditioners at High Speed

Turn ON Air Conditioners

This is in contrast to what most people think. Having your car Air Conditioner On at speeds above 70 KMPH actually saves a lot of fuel consumption. This is because cars are specially designed to cut air at high speed perfectly.

Take Longer Route If It Is Smoother Driving

Take longer route

Do not take a rough road (like patchy or gravel surface road) to save a few kilometers. If there is another route which is slightly longer, but is much smoother, then go for that. Rough roads increase fuel consumption by up to 30%.

Do Not Always Switch Off Your Engine On Signals

Do not always switch off your engine on signals

If you switch off your vehicle’s engine at every red signal, its time you change this habit. If the time at the signal is less than 20 seconds, then it is better to keep your engine on.

Remove Extra Weight From Your Vehicle

Remove Extra Weight from your Vehicle

Do Not Accelerate Too Much

Do not accelerate too muchFuel consumption at high speed increases considerably. When your vehicle is at 100KMPH, it consumes 20% more fuel compared to drive at 60 KMPH. At the speed of 120 KMPH, the fuel consumption is 30-35% more than the regular consumption. The ideal speed to drive your vehicle is 60 KMPH.

Drive Gracefully – At Constant Speed

Check Tyre Pressure Regularly

Check Tyre Pressure Regularly

Most of us forget to check this. An inflated tyre with proper air pressure plays a very significant role in increasing the mileage. Check your tyres pressure once every fortnight.

Avoid Peak Hours

Avoid Peak Hours

Do not leave for office/college at the same time when all others leave. Do not start back from office/college at the same time when all others start. Anticipate peak hours, avoid such times. This simple practice can save your as much as 50% fuel, and that’s a lot of saving!

Get Your Vehicle The Service It Deserves

Get your vehicle the service it deserves

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