Top American Drama Movies

Drama films are always guaranteed to engross and absorb viewers with their intense and detailed storylines. Most of the time, the plot is so strong and compelling that we feel a connection to the main character or characters. If we are lucky, we can even catch a creditable drama on live TV channels. Only with a working TV aerial of course. Click here for TV aerial installation. But without further ado, let’s break down and explain some of the top American drama movies to save you scrolling endlessly or exiting films when you reach the ten-minute mark and begin getting bored! 

Home Alone

Arguably one of the greatest American drama movies worldwide, we can be sure that this film will always surface at the beginning of the Christmas period every year. Macaulay Culkin stars as one of the most iconic child characters of all time, Kevin McCallister. He wishes for a life of doing as he pleases without any interference from those in his large household, especially his parents. When the family embarks on a Christmas vacation to Paris, they realize that they have left one vital piece of luggage…Kevin. With his dreams of living a carefree life becoming true, the town’s “Wet Bandits” have other plans for the independent boy as they attempt to break into the home, but not on mischievous Kevin’s watch! A hilarious piece that will provide entertainment for the whole family.


One of the greatest love stories shown on TV features Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio as Jack and Rose, two iconic individuals from different social class backgrounds who meet onboard the RMS Titanic. Captivating the life on the ship before it unsuccessfully reached its intended destination in New York, the Titanic movie is truly influential and informative. Not only does it display the confidential love story of Jack and Rose and their adventures onboard, but it also demonstrates to viewers what the real passenger’s time onboard the famous ocean liner was really like in 1912, demonstrating room settings, outfits, and overall appearances before it hit the iceberg. Suspenseful, emotional, and timeless, the Titanic is an American drama movie that you cannot miss out on.

The Shawshank Redemption

When Andy Dufresne becomes incarcerated for a crime he did not commit, he befriends Ellis, more predominantly known in the film as “Red”, and the pair establish an impeccable friendship. As a former banker, he uses his skills and intelligence to assist members of the prison staff with financial issues, which gives him utmost credibility as far as it goes on inmates. Little do they know; his brains and intelligence are also assisting him with a plan to reach freedom by breaking out of Shawshank State Prison. Covering the importance of friendship, freedom, patience, redemption, and most importantly, the value of hope, this film is one of a kind and one of the top American drama movies to date. 

Dirty Dancing

“Nobody puts Baby in the corner”, in the famous words of Patrick Swayze, or Johnny Castle should we say. This love story, combined with a whole lot of intense dancing, takes place in the Catskill summer resort that Baby (played by Jennifer Grey) visits with her family, due to her father being friends with the owner. Intrigued by Johnny, a low-class dancing instructor within the resort, to Baby’s luck, she finds herself paired up as his dance partner. This assists him in sustaining his livelihood and continuing to perform without his usual partner, who faces a problematic health issue. Countless amounts of practice in the studio, Johnny’s room, and even in the rivers result in an unbreakable romantic bond between the pair. Even though it is not deemed acceptable by others surrounding them, they will go to unstoppable measures to prove their love and passion for one another.


Sandy Olsson and Danny Zuko generate a unique relationship on a beach in the summer, (a summer romance shall we say) but with Sandy returning to Australia soon, they realize that it could never last. However, when a change of plans results in Sandy staying in Delaware Country, much to their surprise she ends up enrolled at the same school as Zuko. With his big character and boasting personality paired with her innocence, kindness, and naivety, will their romance rekindle, especially with the interference of their school friends? Press play on this 1970s favorite American drama movie to find out for yourself, and be sure to get ready to sing along too!

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Described as a masterpiece and one of the greatest films of all time, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button stars Brad Pitt as a man who ages backward and experiences aging diseases from the minute he is born, resulting in abandonment from his biological father. When taken in by a caregiver, Benjamin meets Daisy, and romance sparks, however, due to Benjamin’s disease, they separate throughout the years until their age finally matches with one another in later life. When Daisy becomes a mother to Benjamin’s daughter, it is only right for him to leave her, as he will only get younger and cause further complications to their family’s life. All that remains now for Daisy is his diary documenting his puzzling life.

Forrest Gump

Tom Hanks stars in this film is one of his most praised roles, like Forrest Gump, a young man with a high IQ, leg and spine disabilities, and the utmost innocence. With setbacks in childhood, as life progresses, Gump reaches new highs. He earns a football scholarship, joins the U.S Army in Vietnam, wins medals, becomes a ping-pong expert, oh, and meets the president of the United States at the White House several times! However, none of these achievements will ever beat the feeling of love. Infatuated by his childhood best friend, Jenny, Gump’s only goal is to find his way back to her. This film is sure to tug on a few heartstrings. 

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