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  1. Coordinates:   18°55’19″N   72°49’58″E
  2. Taj Hotel Mumbai is a five-star hotel, located next to the Gateway of India. a structure built to commemorate the landing of their Majesties King George V and Queen Mary in 1911.
  3. Taj Hotel Mumbai has 565 rooms, 46 suites, and 11 restaurants. The first 24-hour coffee shop in India was open in this hotel in 1972. India’s first authentic Sichuan restaurant, the Golden Dragon, was open in this hotel. It was also the first to hire English butlers.
  4. Taj Hotel Mumbai also opened the city’s first licensed bar. It also opened the country’s first international discotheque―Blow Up.
  5. Taj Hotel Mumbai was convert into a six hundred-bed hospital during World War I.
  6. The Tower was build in place of Green’s Hotel, a hotel that was infamous for its wild parties and low prices. The hotel was completely demolished to make place for the tower.
  7. Taj Hotel Mumbai was the first hotel in India to have electricity.
  8. Since,the Gateway of India was build 20 years later. The Taj Palace was the first marker of Bombay Harbor; it was so for more than 50 years.
  9. The Taj Group has a philosophy of service excellence. Which entails providing consistent high levels of personalized service. And innovative means of improving service quality.
  10. Over the past century, The Taj Mahal Hotel and Tower. At Mumbai has amassed a diverse collection of paintings and works of art. And is a veritable showcase of artifacts and art of the era.
  11. Popular history has it that Jamsetjee Tata built the Taj. Because he has denied entry to a whites-only hotel in Bombay. Historian Sharda Dwivedi, who co-authored the book. Argues that for a businessman like Tata. this would hardly have been reason to invest his own money in an industry he knew nothing about. She writes that the Taj was build at the time of a huge plague epidemic. That started in 1896 and was threatening Bombay’s fortunes. Tata set up the hotel “pure for the love of the city,” she writes.
  12. Because the courtyard faces inward, away from the sea. There’s always been a rumor that the hotel was construct back-to-front. The architect approved the layout. when on holiday without noting the direction the structure was facing. and jumped to his death from the fifth floor when he returned and realized his error. In truth, it seems the Taj was build facing away from the harbor. Because Tata wanted the rooms to look out to the sea, a practice unheard of in India.
  13. Taj Hotel Mumbai has been the playground of Indian princes. Maharajas and nawabs who began checking in almost as soon as it opened. An early report describes the horror of a receptionist looking up to see a monarch march in. Followed by his pet tiger on a chain. Princes have called Apollo Bunder hawkers to their suites. To buy trinkets and fine Chinese silk. they’ve enjoyed the coastal breezes in horse-drawn carriages that trotted around the hotel.

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When Taj Hotel Mumbai opened, the hotel boasted a series of firsts. Like, American fans, German elevators, Turkish baths and English butlers.

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  • I worked in India with a British East India Company from 1961 to 1995 and often travelled through Bombay on a thrice yearly sales tour around India. Being a Junior Sales Rep in those days the company always booked me into Greens Hotel at a cost of around $5/6 dollars per day (a lot of money) which included breakfast,which was taken in the Taj Hotel,you also had use of all of the Taj facilities all you had to do was to cross over on the connecting covered walkway between the two buildings. When in Mumbai we still visit to dine or stay at the Taj.

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