Enjoy Your Day With Mumbai – Day Trip In Mumbai

One fine morning, We decided to just Enjoy your day with Mumbai – Day Trip in Mumbai, for some refreshment and city knowledge with fun. So, we decided to go for Day Trip in Mumbai and decide to contact a trip organizer for that. Generally all trip organizer have their earlier decided pick up point for all people. For our time is decided at 7:30am morning. so, our group is wake up early in morning and start prepare for reach on time.

One Day Trip in Mumbai

  • Waiting Time : 😉

day trip in mumbai

we all reach sharp time on place and just heard from our bus driver, I reach at there in half an hour. hhh….. that’s funny but some discourages moment all of us because all of us try to struggle to reach on time at pick up point.

But we all decided to enjoy our Day Trip in Mumbai, how ever in any way. so, we find out one of tea stall and breakfast shop near by and just enjoying outside morning breakfast. Hey folks this is also a really good break of your routine. just try it.  😉

Finally our bus come on stop and all group just relaxed and entered in place and take a seat. that is a our starting moment of Enjoy your day with Mumbai | Day Trip in Mumbai.

Oh…I didn’t remember to tell you we start our journey. our start point is Panvel station which is part of Mumbai suburban area and in one of the satellite city of India and we all know them as a Navi Mumbai.

Navi Mumbai also have a their background facts and some interesting architectural and development theory also,. will see it some other day.

We started our Day Trip in Mumbai with full of enjoyment and curiosity about Mumbai city. after some time we reach on the bridge which is connected main island city to Navi-Mumbai. which is known as thane creek bridge. when we pass that bridge we all feel some cool breeze of hind ocean wave. i would like to mention some other over bridge which we come across on the way. one is Kharghar ( Hiranandani junction ) which is also one of the cable stayed hanging bridge in small-scale and one is near by Juinagar railway station on Thane-Belapur road which is also good and architecturally crafted small foot over bridge.

  • Finally Landed on Mumbai Island : 🙂

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Finally we cross the thane creek via Vashi-Mankhurd bridge and reach mainland of Mumbai. over a journey we see some slum redevelopment project executed near by Mankhurd area and you can see the slum near by road.

Further we reach Chembur area and here, i see on crossover structure which is almost 20mt. in ht. on Sion-Panvel highway. After i came to know that this is a connection flyover of mmrd’s new proposal of connecting eastern express highway to south Mumbai area.

Actually this is an elevated road which is start from Ghatkopar area to end at P. Demmelo road in south Mumbai having length of almost 15 km. appx. and all major part of this road is elevated. We all know this route as “Eastern-free-way”.

Our bus go ahead and we suddenly spotted some overhead structure with train on it. that’s Mumbai monorail first phase development. actually many of us never seen this kind of train so we all curious to see how it look like and how it run on overhead tracks.

Now we are passing through the Kurla area because some of over bus pick up point in that area of Mumbai suburb. Our group getting bored because we just seat in bus and nothing to do because some passengers are late for pick-up.

Finally they are arrived and bus was run on the track in full speed. Now the glimpse of Mumbai is come across in and around of us. Traffic also increased because of business hours also started. After reached near by the started destination. Bus was stopped and one person get in our bus.

The person who entered in our bus, stand in between all of us. we all curious to know that what the hell is he? Finally he greeted all of us with very light and joyful voice “ GOOD MORNING “ all of my today’s guest. and that is the our GUIDE for entire tour of today.

He give us some of the tips and tricks for how to enjoy the entire tripe and how to aware from nuisance. some of like….

1. Follow travel company’s rules strictly ( time schedules )

2. Never take part in Gambling on the way in any place because he mentions that players and winners are all from them only loser are you.

3. Always take care of your belongings in the bus and outside the bus.

4. Never trust unknown person or places.

5. take care of yourself.

6.Don’t jumble with any authority on the way, follow the rules of Mumbai city.

Then he give his contact nos. and our bus no. for our better day ahead and security. After that part is over he collect approx 350 rs. for ticket of different places on the way in trip, where taken a pass is compulsory.Finally we all reach of our starting point

  • Gateway of India

I hope many of us know that as a “Apollo Bunder”also. Here we all get down from our bus and relaxed. Actually this is the starting point of our journey of one Day Trip in Mumbai.

All the passenger of our bus have taken a break fast and relaxed around the gateway of India. some of them start their photography and other activity like chitchat with locals, etc,. some are really influenced by the all around environment and architectural glory of India’s important business hub and famous in all around the word.

You may also like to know places to visit in Mumbai,

Here I would like to say folks, that you should read what kind of places we people are visited in one day and how to enjoy your self with each moments. I assure you that this is a really one of the memorable trip in life.

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