Unknown Things About Taj Hotel Mumbai

This article is about Unknown things about Taj Hotel Mumbai. In “Did you know why this place known as Gateway of India ?“. we see some interesting facts and it’s glorify facts of ” Gate way of India”. Here, I would like to put same way some unfamiliar things, facts, and history of Hotel Taj, Mumbai. It is believe that Jamsedji Tata decided to build the hotel. After he is refuse entry to one of the city’s grand hotels of the time. Watson’s Hotel, as it was restrict to “whites only”. But, this story has been challenge by some commentators. That suggest that Tata was unlikely to have been on with ‘revenge’. Against his British adversaries. Instead they suggest that the Taj was built at the urging of editor of The Times of India. who felt a hotel “Worthy of Bombay” was necessary.

Unknown Things About Taj Hotel Mumbai

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Significance :

Taj Hotel Mumbai built in the early part of the Twentieth Century by Jamshed Tata. India’s first five star hotel. Taj Mahal Hotel and Tower is a Hotel (Atithi-Griha) located in a historic building. In Apollo Bunder, Colaba, Mumbai.

Taj Hotel Mumbai was the first building lit by electricity in the city of Mumbai.

The Company was incorporat in 1902 and it opened its first hotel, The Taj Mahal Palace & Tower, Mumbai, in 1903.

Taj Hotel Mumbai offering panoramic views of the Arabian Sea and bay. The Taj hotel is a gracious landmark of the city of Mumbai.

Taj Hotel Mumbai is own by Taj Hotels, one of the most successful Luxury Hotel & Resort chains in India.

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Historical Delicacy of Taj Hotel Mumbai :

The original Indian architects were Sitaram Khanderao Vaidya and D. N. Mirza. The Taj Hotel project was complete by an English engineer, W. A. Chambers.

The builder was Khansaheb Sorabji Ruttonji. Also, Contractor who also designed and built its famous central floating staircase.

The cost of construction was £250,000 (£127 million today).

The dome of the hotel is make from steel as used in the Eiffel Tower. Jamsedji Tata imported the same steel during that time.

Taj Hotel Mumbai was the first in India to install and operate a steam elevator. The hotel have imported American fans, German elevators. Turkish baths and English butlers, for the first time in India.

On the site where the tower wing now stands used to be a hotel called Green’s Hotel at the Apollo Bunder. Which was purchas by the Taj Mahal Hotel. Green’s was popular among sailors due to its low cost and was notorious for its wild parties.

In 1973, Green’s hotel was demolish and the present Tower wing was construct in its place.

The Company then undertook major expansion of The Taj Mahal Palace & Tower. At Mumbai by constructing an adjacent tower block. And increasing the number of rooms from 225 to 565 rooms. With the completion of its initial public offering in the early 1970s,

Mahatma Gandhi addressed a group of young Englishmen in the Ballroom of Hotel Taj. Taking the stairs because he didn’t want to use the elevator. Mountbatten gave a speech here. And Sarojini Naidu, the poet, entertainer and freedom fighter. Had a permanent suite for much of the 1920s and 30s. “Every time she fought with her husband, she came and stayed at The Taj,” writes Dwivedi.

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