How to Create Whatsapp group Invite Links & Join 1000+ Whatsapp Groups

Whatsapp is a straight forward and fantastic Instant messaging app. It is one of the most downloaded instant messaging apps today. Now you can also do video calling with friends and family with the latest WhatsApp update. Many of the users of Whatsapp have WhatsApp groups, but it is tough to add contacts to WhatsApp group.

Because before adding a member in the group, you have to save his/her contact in your mobile. Without saving his/her mobile number, you can not add him/her to your WhatsApp group. It is irritating to add new contacts every time you want to add a member, and if you are managing more than one group, then It also creates a Lot of mess in your mobile contacts.

How to Create Whatsapp group Invite Links & Join 1000+ Whatsapp Groups-

Even I face this problem, so I Do some research on the internet and find a lot better and easy way to add members in WhatsApp groups. So today I am sharing this trick with you. With this, you can quickly create WhatsApp invite link to join. With this tutorial, you can create one Link and share it everywhere, if anyone clicks on the link Then they can join your WhatsApp group. You can do this with the help of  Whatsapp moded app GB WhatsApp and the latest official WhatsApp version also has this feature in it.

It also has more cool features. Read this tutorial to know more and create WhatsApp invite link and join cool WhatsApp group from the link list below. You can join the WhatsApp groups from the link without admin permission.

You can use these invite links to invite your friends or family members to join the group.

    What is Whatsapp Group

Whatsapp is the best instant messaging app. It has many cool features Like calling, video calling and sending pictures. One of other cool feature is WhatsApp groups. In a group, you can add members to do a group chat. But the problem is that only a group admin can add members to the group.

Before adding anyone in the group, admin has to save its contact number in the mobile. Without saving contact number, he cannot add new members. So to add members quickly, I am sharing this tutorial with you. in this article, I am sharing how to make Invite link to join Whatsapp

Features of Whatsapp invite link

  • Time-saving, Don’t need to save contacts on the mobile phone.
  • Anyone can join with your link
  • No member approval need


  • Anyone can join
  • If more members join then they can Do spamming in your group.

    How to Make Whatsapp invite link with Gb whatsapp

To make Invite link to join Whatsapp at first you had to delete your old WhatsApp application. Because to make invite link you needed Gb WhatsApp which is a WhatsApp modded form. It is a Free application you do not have to pay for anything.

  1.  Delete old WhatsApp application first
  2.  Download and Install Gbwhatsapp.
  3.  Open Gb WhatsApp and Complete verification.
  4.  Now open the group for which you want to create Join Invite Link.
  5.  Go to Group Info
  6.  Now click add member button on the top right group
  7. Now Click on Invite To group via Link
  8. Now share the link with your friend or anyone you want.
  9. After clicking on the Link our friend get a Pop-up – Do you want to join the group.
  10. Your friend has to click on the Join group and accept your Invitation to Join the Group.
  11. Done !! Now you Joined the WhatsApp group.

    How to Create WhatsApp invite link with WA Prime apk

This is the second method to create invite link to join any WhatsApp group. In this method, you can use WA Prime apk to create join Link. Follow the steps below to create the invite link.

  1. At first, Uninstall the Official WhatsApp from your smartphone.
  2. Download WA Prime apk.
  3. Install and open the app.
  4. Select the group of which you want to create the Invitation link.
  5. After opening the group click on Group info>Add Members
  6. Now Click on Invite to group via link
  7. Copy the link and share with your friends whom you want to join the group.
  8. Done !!


Now the Official app of the WhatsApp has the feature to create invite link to join groups. So, you don’t need to download any modded WhatsApp app.

Steps to Follow-

  1. Download official Whatsapp
  2. Install and open the app.
  3. Select the group of which you want to create the Invitation link.
  4. After opening the group click on Group info>Add Members
  5. Now Click on Invite to group via link
  6. Copy the link and share with your friends whom you want to join the group.
  7. Done !!

    Some Whatsapp Group invite Links

Everyone is asking for links nowadays to join WhatsApp groups because of the popularity of the WhatsApp groups. There is a lot of WhatsApp groups like – Funny, Video sharing groups, Picture sharing WhatsApp groups so here I am providing the list of some awesome WhatsApp groups.

To join the group Simply click on the link below. Open the link with WhatsApp and Click on add to the group and Done! You are now added to the WhatsApp group.

Note – Use an updated version of WhatsApp to join groups through invite link. 

Click on the below links to Join Whatsapp group as per your choice –

    Top Whatsapp Group invite links to join

IPL Whatsapp group links

1.Mumbai Indians

2.Sunrisers Hyderabad

3.Royal Challengers Bangalore

4.Kings XI Punjab

General Whatsapp Groups

1.Rose Velly

2. Shaming Group

3. SSC Daily Quizs

4. Cash Junction

5. Hitlar Rajana

6.The Avengers 2

7. Love point

8. F@tehpur Boy’s

9. Mer Pheli Mohabbat

10. Only Funny video !!!

11. Aazad parindey

12.Power unlimited

13. Yarr Anmully

14. Yaara Di Yaari

15. India waale

22. Dhadkan Group 2017

24. Love And Shayari

25.Latest Tech And Help (Recharge Tricks/Deals)

27.Google’s Hacker


29.Dark Moon

30.Travel News Group

31.Devotional Group

32.Malayalam Latest News


34.DTC Group

35.Kerala Travel Destinations

36.HR Group

37.Whatsapp Status Group

38.24X7 However Call

41.Real Fans Of Yoyo

42.Whatsapp group for a_ult

43.संभाजी चौक

44.Proud To Be An Indian

45.Full Too MAstii



48.All About Games

49.Hindi Shayri And Status Group

50.Hacking Tips & Tricks

Technology Related WhatsApp groups link to join

Android World

Comptuer World

Technology whatsapp Group



Hacking whatsapp groups link

Whatsapp hacking group

Hacker World

Only Hackers

Cracking the code group





Tips, Tricks and Earning WhatsApp groups invite link

Money Earning whatsapp group

Profit coin & trust

official tricks

New Tips

Earning tricks

Master tricks

Trick twitters

Looting group

Earn to end


tricks group

Wallpaper and Pics editing whatsapp group

Wallpaper World

Pic editing

videos & pics only

Editing World

Entertainment WhatsApp Groups to join

Whatsapp Masti Group

Entertainment World

Latest Songs World

South Indian World

Hollywood World

Bollywood World

movies only

Funny Group

video group

Song Group

Movies world


masti zone

 shayari group

Comedy, masti & fun

quiz and gk group

Only betting whatsapp group

 Join Love, joke and shayari Whatsapp group invite link

The lover boys whatsapp group


Jokes ans shyri

Friends forever

Join these awesome WhatsApp groups through invite link. You can also invite your friend through WhatsApp group invite links, SMS and email. Many other apps also available to Make an Invite link to join Whatsapp other Than Gb WhatsApp you can use WA prime app.

Stay tuned with us for more WhatsApp group links.

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