Changhong H2 Smartphone literally scan inside fruits and vegetables!!!

Hey, have you heard about a smartphone that scan your fruit or vegies and tell you their components, calories and other important data? Nope, then this newly unveiled Changhong H2 smartphone do it for you.

Changhong H2 Phone Features and Specs

changhong h2,

Actually, Israeli startup develop the world’s first smartphone that act as a product scanner. And their name is Changhong H2. This Changhong H2 phone is able to show you a calories value, molecule components, or food data from the pharmaceutical and plants.

Changhong H2, the phone will be unveiled this week at the CES 2017 Consumer Electronics Show. By the Israeli company and Sichuan Changhong Electric Co. (Changhong). A supplier of consumer electronics in Asia and Analog Devices Inc. (ADI), a designer and manufacturer of semiconductor products and solutions.

The Changhong H2 is a remarkable device with unique capabilities.

Changhong H2 SmartPhone Price:

Details on the pricing of the new phone will be released later this month.

Changhong H2 Features:

Using Changhong H2, consumers can analyze the properties of foods, liquids, medication, body metrics, and more. This will give consumers new ways to improve their personal wellness, select the best fruits and vegetables, stick to their diets and nutritional needs, and verify product authenticity.

Changhong is also working to create a broad ecosystem of mobile applications that utilize the Scio sensor for a wide range of use cases.

Everything in the world is made of molecules and, theoretically, the H2 smartphone can be used on almost any material.

The sensing functionality in the #ChanghongH2 smartphone will change the way we use our phones in the same way that cameras and GPS chips changed the face of mobile devices, the companies said.

Video of Changhong H2 Functionality:

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At last, Compared to regular smartphones, the ChanghongH2 is 20 percent more energy efficient. It has a unique 6-inch extra-large high-resolution screen and a 2.0GHz/8-core CPU. Stay tune for more updates on Changhong H2 periodically.

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