4 Ways to Get your Focus Back and be Uber-Productive

Around the world, people find it really tough to focus even on issues which are extremely important for their growth, especially their professional growth. One of the biggest factors that hamper their daily productivity is the use of different social media websites and apps. Another factor which many people don’t think as much important is the time they spend in meetings. Around 40-50% of time by executives and managers is virtually wasted in meetings which are often not fruitful.

4 Ways to Get your Focus Back and be Uber-Productive


It is not a rocket science that once you will start dealing with these issues seriously, you will definitely feel a positive change in your approach towards day-to-day and important tasks. At the end of the day, we really need to accomplish our goals and having a firm focus on our activities. In this blog, I will focus on 4 practices that can really help anyone of us in making the most of our job.

  1. Make a Sound Start

The one most dreaded thing we do that decreases our productivity right from the start is to check our phone after waking up. We start checking emails, social media apps and other websites that don’t have anything to do with our daily work. Instead we get caught in the web and spend rest of the day trying to get out from it. We need to avoid our smartphone and other gadgets and focus on something else.

You can get a sound start by simply taking some deep breaths right after opening your eyes. In the meantime, make a list of the important tasks that you have to do and don’t dare touch that darn phone! You can check the status of your best friend anytime of the day and if it is anything very important, your friends or relatives will call you. Don’t waste the precious morning time in checking Snapchat stories and commenting on pics on Instagram.

  1. Organize Tasks

Take it as an extension of the first point. It is all connected to refresh your mind and organize your tasks right from the start of the day. It is the most productive part of the day as after the lunch, drowsiness and fatigue sets in as we get tired after doing so much work. Try to shy away from unimportant meetings and casual talks that eat away the most productive part of the day.

Multitasking is good only when you are doing some small tasks. There is no way that you can manage 2-3 projects simultaneously as each one requires individual attention. Try to complete all the complex tasks in the first half or projects that require some creativity to deal with. Again, don’t indulge in long meetings that can eat up the first half and reschedule for later in the day.

  1. Keep your Desk Clean

It may look like a routine task but a routine which most people don’t follow at all. I am sure there are at least 2-3 people in department or floor whose desks present a messy picture to say the least. Majority of us take it as an insignificant task but it should be seriously dealt with. It is not only related to how you are perceived by your colleagues, it is an important part of keeping your cubicle or desk clean and hygienic. Eating up your lunch at your desk is not a good idea at all.

You can organize your desk easily by keeping all the files and documents in the drawer as they can get easily lost from your desk. Your computer’s desktop is also one of the areas you need to work on and make it clean too. A cluttered look will make it difficult for you to find the files and information to complete your tasks quickly.

  1. A Buffer between Tasks

There must be a buffer between tasks that you are performing all day long. This means that between tasks allot some time that you can take to prepare for the next one or a meeting. This is important as this provides you the cushion if any task gets delayed so you are not late for another task. It is also vital so that other people in a meeting may not wait for you. A productivity management software like TaskQue can help you raise your level in making sure you have enough buffer for making any task uber-productive for you.

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