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Outdoor fireplace: the best way to decorate your garden in a stylish and useful way!

Enjoying your garden is essential during the hot months. It is, in fact, important to note that there are many solutions to heat the outdoor space. To receive friends and have a drink or to enjoy the conviviality of a relaxation area under the stars, the outdoor fireplace remains an inevitable element.

Outdoor fireplace: the best way to decorate your garden in a stylish and useful way!

The garden fireplace is the key element of any space that can be used in any circumstance. Apart from its incredible aesthetic qualities, an outdoor heater like the fireplace is simply perfect for extending your evenings on the terrace out of season, so take advantage of our ideas!

1. Why choose an outdoor fireplace?

For the development of a garden or a modern terrace, there are few mandatory things, it is a personal space that you must do to your liking, of course. However, we can freely say that there are must-have elements to have the comfort necessary for a plain experience. The fireplace therefore becomes an excellent solution to warm up and give character to the space.

The outdoor fireplace gives you the perfect opportunity to take full advantage of the cozy ambiance outdoors. This is indeed the perfect opportunity to enjoy the outdoor relaxation area while adding a decorative touch. Taking into account the wide variety of outdoor heating devices available, before starting, it is better to take into account its main expectations.

Among them are aesthetics, functionality, respect for the environment and the type of heating. Since each model is different with its characteristics, we advise you to choose the one that is most appropriate to your layout and your needs.

2. Steel exterior chimney

Corten steel, for example, is indeed one of the trendiest materials of the year in terms of materials, but that is not the only advantage of choosing steel. Outdoor chimneys made of steel most of the time have a simple shape inspired by geometry.

Another element that we often notice is the fact that their upper part is protected by tempered glass plates. These fireplaces can be used both indoors and outdoors. In addition, they have a storage space where glasses and a bottle of wine can be placed, to be enjoyed on a modern-style terrace.

3. The exclusive aspect of an outdoor warm-up medium

Each different material, be it wood, ice, or concrete, has its advantages which are important in choosing a fireplace. However, it is not only that that counts. Apart from its undeniable usefulness, this beautiful and elegant element can bring something else to your garden or terrace – exclusivity.

In fact, we must mention its design which, lately, has become more and more exclusive and extravagant. Nowadays, the fireplace is much more than a simple source of heat, it is a real decorative element that a contemporary garden cannot do without. The warmth it brings makes it possible to prolong the evenings outdoors while collaborating with a pleasant and zen light. So, who wouldn’t be tempted to spend time outdoors from the very beginning of spring until the end of autumn?

4. Alternatives to the classic outdoor fireplace

The classic garden decor, we love it! Whether it’s a rustic wooden decoration, a modern fountain or cool planters  – everything is welcome. Of course, the alternatives are also very tempting and among them – the outdoor gas fireplace is downright classy. We can definitely categorize it as modern, it is a device that adapts wonderfully well to any contemporary context.

You have the choice for a gas fireplace, depending on the model, to place it directly on the ground or even, recessed into a masonry wall. Obviously, there are also models with larger dimensions, perfectly suited to large volumes under the open sky. The most widespread – the circular gas fireplace is and with good reason. Moreover, it is an excellent choice thanks to the moderate costs and the simple use of gas.

If this is still not your choice, there is a superb alternative to the outdoor gas fireplace, the ethanol fireplace! It is no less modern and also brings a touch of exclusivity to the whole thing. We can say without problem that it is an unequaled aesthetic element and a superb source of heat at the same time, this device has it all! It is also generally compact and often integrated into a decorative structure as well as a table, this adds to the fact that the lack of space will not be a concern here. Its best asset – its particularity to be portable most of the time. It can therefore be moved with ease either indoors or outdoors and used anywhere for even greater comfort.

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