How tech improves our lives

In times when people are increasingly working remotely and trying to limit their contact with others as much as possible, achievements in tech and a connected, digital world can help society cope.

How tech improves our lives

Here are six technologies that are particularly valuable in improving our lives:

  1. Big data and AI track and anticipate the spread of viruses more accurately than ever before, enabling governments and health organizations to be better prepared. Israel is already trialing an AI-based solution to predict where the next outbreak might happen – this solution could be expanded to other countries as well.
  2. Autonomous vehicles can be used to deliver packages, including groceries or even medical supplies, making it easier to reach those in need while significantly reducing contact between people.
  3. Medical robots are a game changer. Some can already even treat patients: A robot designed in China is being used to carry out ultrasounds, take mouth swabs and even listen to organs.
  4. Digital platforms, like TeleClinic, provide virtual medical consultations and treatment. Contact between people is reduced, curbing the risk of infection. Increasing adoption rates of similar platforms can lead to a new era of medical care.
  5. More and more people are staying at home, but daily life has to continue. Online services make it possible to keep working, stay entertained, and get fit – yoga, anyone?
  6. We are social beings, and thanks to social networks we can keep on communicating to hold on to normality in our daily lives as much as possible.

Our achievements in tech have no limit. Not only do these technologies help us to continue living our daily lives, but they also help us achieve milestones that a decade ago might have seemed impossible.

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