Board Portal: The Best Choice for Corporate Governance

Have no definite strategy of how to rule your company? Or, simply not satisfied with the results? It’s high time to implement board room software and renovate your corporate management strategies according to today’s challenges.

One of these challenges is the necessity to make rapid decisions as markets develop very fast. In its turn, this requires keeping in touch with your partners from whatever location. So, you simply cannot do without modern Internet techs today. But they are not only convenient means of communication – they may present dangers as well.

These are only two obvious problems any company leader may face now. The most adequate solution to them – as well as to other governance tasks – is a virtual boardroom. This soft has enough capacity to form the basis of reliable strategic management.

When you have never dealt with virtual rooms or similar equipment, it may be difficult to understand how paperless meeting soft functions. There may be lots of confusion. When prone to read detailed reviews on the topic, we advise you to visit However, you can find all the answers necessary to start with boardrooms in this quick blog.

Check Your Idea of Board Portal Software

The most common definition of a board portal is that it is a set of tools used for paperless directors’ meetings online. Many people understand it incorrectly and confuse boardrooms with other programs. So, the first thing to learn here is that the board of directors portal software is not a video conferencing application, not a file-sharing platform, not cloud storage, etc.

This soft incorporates the above-mentioned options as well as numerous others. For any corporate governance strategy, the main abilities of board portal equipment will be especially useful. They are as follows:

  • Security

From the security perspective, virtual boardrooms are the most advanced means of holding directors’ meetings and managing a business in general. The work of this software is ensured by the usage of the latest techs like data encryption, reliable firewalls, access management tools, etc.

  • Functionality

From scheduling to signing papers, the board of directors software has all the necessary functions for constructive meetings and making effective decisions.

  • Adaptability

While there are universal features that every organization needs, there might be options that your business governance model can easily do without. So, you will be able to adjust your boardroom product exactly to your business needs.

  • Equipment reliability

The info stored with the help of board document management tools will never be lost or stolen. To ensure it, top boardroom vendors use tier-1 storage servers.

  • Ease of Use

Although any board portal represents a complex set of instruments, even a beginner in high techs can quickly get into it and use it almost intuitively.

Thus, by applying a quality boardroom to your business, you will speed up the work of the c-suite and make it much more effective.

Which Features are a Must?

What exactly will you be able to do with your boardroom? Which features play a crucial role in successful governance? Let’s have a more detailed overview of the top handy options your board meeting software should have.

Document Management

This set of tools will allow your secretary to prepare all papers you need. They will be easy to upload/download, share, comment, rebuild, access offline, etc.

Scheduling Tools

Needless to say how hard it is to gather busy people in one place. When having actual data about the c-suite members’ location, contact info, activities, etc., this mission does not seem so desperate. Moreover, there’s no need to travel anywhere. You only have to fix a suitable date and not miss it. And you won’t, since the soft contains a visual calendar with handy reminders.

Access Management

You can initially define the members who will have access to the board portal. These settings are flexible and can be changed when necessary. For instance, you may need to collaborate with various committees, legal auditors, and other non-members. Sometimes, their participation in directors’ meetings is required. So, you can give them temporary access to the boardroom with limited options.

Security Management

The most precious thing is your sensitive documentation. When allowing access for non-members, you can protect it with the help of such options as watermarking, redaction, view-only options, and others.

Virtual Room Tools

The meeting itself will be held in a virtual room – a virtual space where all directors can communicate with each other in real-time mode. While discussing the agenda and assigning new tasks, the participants can observe papers, comment on them, vote, and sign them.

Audit Logs

This feature of board room software will allow you to watch the meeting’s stats. You will be able to track each member’s activity in the boardroom.

Feedback Option

This extra option plays an important role in your partnership with the soft vendor. You and other members can help the developers to improve the work of the soft by leaving your feedback.

Mobile Options

It’s natural to have access to important instruments and platforms on mobile gadgets today. Virtual boardrooms are no exception. The good news is that you will be able to participate in your c-suite meetings via your mobile smartphone or tablet. Additionally, you can customize the set of instruments you wish to have on it.

How to Pick the Best Board Portal?

The right choice here depends hugely on you. Yes, you have to define your ideal board portal vendor yourself. Follow these steps:

  1. Measure your organization’s needs.
  2. Calculate your budget.
  3. Define the features your boardroom should have to comply with your corporate governance strategies.
  4. Compare several vendors. Pay close attention to their experience in the industry.
  5. Use extra options like reviews, customers feedback, etc. to get more info about each of them.
  6. Use a free trial option to try your targeted brand in actual practice.
  7. Contact support for assistance or solving problems.

When everything works the way you want, purchase the boardroom. This can be one of your major decisions that will bring success to your company.

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