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iUNIR App Download Odd-Even Ride-sharing app, odd-even rule. startup iUnir has launched a mobile application to ease ridesharing on personal vehicles. There are about 1 crore seats that are estimating to be vacant in personal. It includes Private Car Share & Taxi Share, Motorbike Share & 3 Wheeler. Share options to choose from for your Intercity & Intercity travel needs. These can be utilizing during odd and even scheme period Only.

Want to offer/find a ride? iUNIR is the only ride share platform in the world. Offering flexible ride share options and empowering the users to save cost of travel.

SAFE: Your safety is our priority

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iUNIR App Download : Odd-Even Ride-sharing app

iUNIR App,

COST SHARE: Split the travel cost

  • Save up to 60-70% of your travel cost both for intracity & intercity travel.
  • Prefixed & predetermined cost of ride with hassle free payment options.
  • Splitting the costs helps you reduce the amount of money you have to spend for your Fuel. Maintenance and Parking while you travel together.
  • Match your route and schedule to save cost on regular basis.

 IUNIR App FLEXIBLE &CONVENIENT:It’s only a 3-step process

  • With iUNIR it takes only 3 steps to find and offer rides.
  • There’s no fixed time or schedule to take a ride, you can book an instant ride.
  • You can choose to book one time, round trip or recurring rides.
  • Connect with the Ride Taker or Ride Giver through our In-app. Messaging option or choose to call directe.
  • Most 2 co-riders in a private car share and 1 co-rider in taxi share and 3 wheeler share. To make sure there’s extra space for you and your luggage.
  • Auto ride acceptance options helps you offer the ride faster.
  • Our unique algorithm helps you match exact ride. Vehicle you would like to ride with a chosen route or direction.
How To Work IUNIR App

Step 1 Join

Use your LinkedIn or Facebook profile to login. We do not post anything on your profile so you don’t have to worry.

Step 2. You Choose

Select if you want to offer or take a ride. Decide your route and your start & end points. You also have a choice to ride immediately or later.

Step 3. Get Matched

After you have stated your preferences. Our system gives you the most preferable ride options. Based on your choices with prefixed cost for ride share.

Step 4. Get Going

Get in touch with the ride giver or taker. fix up mutual agreed pickup and drop off points, pay hassle free and enjoy the ride.

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