Download the latest WhatsApp APK that allows you to send and receive documents

Download the latest WhatsApp APK that allows you to send and receive documents. Ever wonder if you can use WhatsApp to send documents? Well, with the latest version of the instant messaging application you have to aim to share more than just messages, images, videos and sounds. Now you can share documents through your favorite IM application. There are tons of third-party applications, plug-ins allow you to say, that for such functionality to send and receive documents via WhatsApp contacts. Now the company has been running for the official update, which users, as you have read the present. As it is a roll out, it may take quite tied to reach you. It takes some time to go through the proper channels, update needs to be approved by the Google Play store, and only then you will receive a notification.

But if you’re eager to try out this feature, then you can manually install the latest APK that have this feature. Note that this APK is available to download from the official website WhatsApp. But we have to verify you download an APK and install. Do not worry, we’re using the same APK, it is safe to bet on it. The latest version of the app is 2.12.493, which is what you’ll find on the company’s official website is currently much further. So I was quite older version 2.12.453.

Download the latest WhatsApp APK that allows you to send and receive documents

After installing the update, you go to a WhatsApp chats and open a conversation, once you tap on the Connections icon, you’ll notice a new option, the document. Will present a list of open documents on your device, tap on it to live. Unfortunately, the exchange of the latest WhatsApp currently supports only PDF files; You can also send files to another format, such as MS Word or Excel. With the new update, video option disappears and is nowhere to be found.


We want to see support for other file formats as well as integration with Google Drive, where you can share your Google account to store documents. For starters, it will be very convenient to share PDF or presentation files via WhatsApp contacts.

Service is slow or a text / media more than the messaging application. In the future, it can give apps like Slack and Hipchat, which is popular with the built-in message / chat group file used by companies to exchange services

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Right now the only update is available for Android users; While it has been known that there is no data to support the exchange of documents on iOS and Windows Phone.