Edit Microsoft Word document without Microsoft office

Microsoft office is undoubtedly the most widely used office software around the globe. Almost 90% of my work is depended on Microsoft Office and more specifically Microsoft Word and Excel.

A day came when I had to format my laptop in emergency. After the format, I had to edit a word document with no time to fresh download Microsoft office. I wondered how do I edit the document (.docx) file without a software that supports it.

Edit Microsoft Word document without Microsoft office

With a little brainstorming, I got the workaround to open Microsoft word without Microsoft office. Here’s the simple trick to get the work done.

  1. Open your Google Drive account.
  2. Upload the .docx to the drive and save it.
  3. Right click on the file you upload and select Edit.
  4. Edit your file as required and save it.
  5. Select the file > Go to file > Download your document again.

That’s it. You have just edited the Microsoft word file without actually using the Microsoft Word software.

I hope this little workaround will help you in emergencies and make your digital life easier. And not to mention that you will need Internet connection or else it won’t work and you will need to install Microsoft Office anyway.

I would appreciate if you share any more tricks and workarounds on Microsoft Office that will help the user, in the comments below and we will update this post along with credits.

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