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Before going over the best examples of organic architecture buildings. we here get some knowledge about what is Organic Architecture Concept, Characteristics, Design Theory, etc. The term organic architecture was create by Frank Lloyd Wright (1867–1959). Though never well articulated by his cryptic style of writing. So here, I stand before you preaching organic architecture. Declaring examples of organic architecture buildings concepts and characteristics to be the modern, ideal and the teaching so much needed. if we are to see the whole of life. and to now serve the whole of life, holding no traditions essential to the great TRADITION.

Nor cherishing any preconceived form fixing upon us either past, present or future. but instead exalting the simple laws of common sense or of super-sense if you prefer determining form by way of the nature of materials.  Ref:Wikipedia. So, Architects here we see some interesting examples of organic architecture buildings. For clearing your doubt about the concept of organic architecture, and how to create best buildings with organic architecture characteristically.

Best Examples Of Organic Architecture Buildings

Just go through this organic architecture characteristics, before we headed to world’s best Examples Of Organic Architecture Buildings.

Let the Design Organic Buildings:

  1. Be inspire by nature and be sustainable, healthy, conserving, and diverse.
  2. Unfold, like an organism, from the seed within.
  3. Exist in the “continuous present” and “begin again and again”.
  4. Follow the flows and be flexible and adaptable.
  5. Satisfy social, physical, and spiritual needs.
  6. “Grow out of the site” and be unique.
  7. Celebrate the spirit of youth, play and surprise.
  8. Express the rhythm of music and the power of dance.

So, Friends here above we see the Concept and Characteristics or Organic architecture. We also, see how this things help in terms of your futuristic vision of architectural trends.

Now, we are go over the World’s Best examples of organic architecture buildings.

Learning Hub at Nanyang Technological University:

  • Location: Singapore.
  • Architect: Heatherwick Studio.
  • Completed: 2015.
  • Photo: Hufton + Crow.

hub, ntu, singapore, architecture of hub building, hub building design,

When Thomas Heatherwick’s Studio, entered the competition to design a new learning hub, for Singapore’s Nanyang Technological University. It won in part thanks to the way its concept proposed a examples of organic architecture buildings.

That re-imagined and redefined the standard typology of an educational building. Defined by the studio as ‘endless corridor, no natural daylight and only hints of other people’s presence’.

hub, ntu, singapore, architecture of hub building, hub building design,

The hub, part of a £360 million scheme, consists of 56 tutorial rooms inside interlinked towers. Which surround an atrium. Although the towers, which are clad in concrete, have been like to the stack wooden baskets.

In which dim sum is steam and serve, their shape is distinctly examples of organic architecture buildings.

hub, ntu, singapore, architecture of hub building, hub building design,

There are barely any straight lines in the whole examples of organic architecture buildings, making it feel far more like something that has developed naturally than a man-made building.

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Lotus Temple, India:

  • Location: New Delhi, India.
  • Architect: Fariborz Sahba.
  • Completed: 1986
  • Photo: Carsten Lindstedt.

Shaped like a giant lotus flower. this modern architectural wonder was designed by Iranian-Canadian architect Fariborz Sahba. It is a Bahá’í House of Worship. meaning worshipers of all denominations are welcomed.

Lotus Temple 1

According to the architect, the Lotus flower represented by the form of the best examples of organic architecture buildings represents. That idea that ‘out of the murky waters of our collective history of ignorance and violence. Mankind will arise to inhabit a new age of peace and universal brotherhood’.

Lotus Temple

In accordance with the architectural principles stated by Abdu’l-Bahá. the son of the founder of the religion, the examples of organic architecture buildings is a nine-sided circular shape made up of 27 free-standing marble clad ‘petals’ arranged in clusters of three.

The Mobile Orchard.

  • Location: portable.
  • Architect: Atmos
  • Completed: 2013
  • Picture: © Alex Haw.

‘Trees are constantly hovering in the consciousness of any architect. They’re both our nemesis – how the hell do they do that?. we wonder – and our savior – the camouflage we plant when buildings go wrong.’

The Mobile Orchard

This is how Alex Haw, principal at atmos, describes the genesis of the Mobile Orchard. A project that toured London and examined how the natural forms of trees could be used to create street furniture.

The Mobile Orchard 1

Reporting on the examples of organic architecture buildings at the time, Blueprint’s Herbert Wright wrote. Atmos are masters of crafting spaces and structures with digital woodcutting, and for the Mobile Orchard, they used 4mm planes of Latvian birch (sponsored by DHH Timber).

The branches spread out in one direction particularly. As if in a wind, and the two-meter-odd cantilever is counter weighted by the base of roots. A special touch for the City festival was the inclusion of white leaves in the shape of every London borough, cut from priplak, a polypropylene.

Concept of Organic Design:

The Mobile Orchard 2

Like the best examples of organic architecture buildings trees, Mobile Orchard is climbable. Its shape includes nine smooth, sculpted steps. And it carries on an atmos record of previous inhabitable sculptures that have traveled as far as Hong Kong. What about the fruit?

Apples were placed in its branches in the City. requiring constant replenishment by Festival crew as office types. lured by the sensual, curvy installation, took them. Really, it would be a sin not to.’

The Mobile Orchard 3

Alex Haw again: ‘We endowed it with sprawling street-furniture roots and spiraling branches. that radiated to offer a concealed stairway. that leads past various seating niches to a sky-throne.

Its limbs offered real apples for hungry mouths. and a scatter of waste-less ‘London leaves’. Tiled components laser-cut in the shape of the surrounding boroughs examples of organic architecture buildings.

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