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Reliance Jio Apps is a free Messaging and Calling App Jio Chat. Now Live For Android and iOS is owned by Mukesh Ambani. Reliance Jio Infocomm Ltd. has launched its first product jio chat apk. A mobile messaging app with voice and video calling features called Jio Chat. It seems like Reliance Industries’ data services venture Reliance Jio has finally launched its first product. a mobile messaging app with voice and video calling features called Jio Chat. The jio chat app free download for android is available yet. With latest updates and features on Google Play Store. Currently, the company seems to be offering only the iOS app, but several attempts to download the app failed. It keeps redirecting to another section of the website and not to the Apple App Store. We searched on the App Store as well, but didn’t find it.

Reliance Jio Apps is know as Jio Chat.

Reliance Jio Apps, jio chat app,

Based on the information available on the website. It looks like reliance jio apps is aiming for the ‘Baap of all messaging app’ title. Jio Chat apparently packs in instant messaging, voice & video calling, one-to-one & group chats, conference calling, stickers and will even feature updates and offers from the user’s favorite brands. Reliance jio chat apps seems to have been inspired by the Japanese mobile messaging and calling app LINE a lot. Just like LINE, Jio Chat claims it will feature Jio Chat Channels. That brands and most probably celebrities will be able to use to connect with users.

Features of Reliance Jio Apps or Jio Chat Features for Android and iOS.

  • Rich Messaging: Instantly and easily message any of your reliance jio apps contacts – up to 100 at a time.
  • Auto-Login: Get started instantly without authentication when using MyJio with Jio SIM.
  • Start Jio Digital Life: Get all Jio apps easily from one place.
  • Usage details: Check the details of your usage patterns for Voice, Data & SMS.
  • Account Balance: View real-time account balance or amount due for payments.
  • Payments: Recharge your & others accounts or pay your monthly bill instantly.
  • Statement: Get a detailed account statement.
  • Jio Apps Center: Download and update all Jio apps from one location.
  • Get Help: Find answers to your queries with comprehensive FAQs or simply connect with our Jio Care experts.
  • Multiple accounts: Link the Jio accounts for your friends and family, and manage them from your MyJio account.
  • Manage your do not disturb [DND] preferences.
  • Languages: Use MyJio app in your preferred language.
  • Settings: Customize your personal profile, usage alerts and Jio account.
  • Add stickers: Emoticons, doodles, pictures, videos, and audio notes to your messages to mix things up a bit.

Jio chat vs WhatsApp.



Video Calling and Conferencing.


Voice Calling and Conferencing.


You can also chat in groups and single.


Location sharing and status sharing. Can also be turned off  Per month 100 sms free any network. reliance jio apps will stores messages when the connection is interrupted and forward once you or your friends are back online. Follow Brands, Celebrities with Channels for latest news, updates, and special promotions through Jio Chat Channels.


It’s worth noting that in December last year, Reliance Jio apps had launched a preview site (, which provided information on Reliance Jio chats ’s Broadband tariffs, digital services and connectivity bundles among others. It was live for a very short period and is no longer accessible. You see a screen shot of the site here. At the time, the company had mentioned on the site that it will be launching a voice & video calling app Jio Social. They now seem to have added mobile messaging to it as well.

Reliance Jio Apps Public Reviews.

Pros of Reliance Jio Apps.

  • Voice clarity is better than any Amazing features, nice concept, combo pack of many apps… And very very clear voice quality.. It is feel like normal mobile talk on sim… Only the thing is interface..which is little bit complicated.. Make it easy for everyone.
  • Awesome Whatsaap is nothing like this, we can share file as well as can group video call and group audio chat. I noticed in whatsaap during call,there is delay in call while in JIO no delay in call.
  • Awesome Messenger It is the best messenger launched with all features in a single shot.. Voice call clarity is much better than the regular call. No echo. Superb.. Only had glitch during video call, need to verify it after the update. Awesome Jio Team!! 🙂
  • Superb app.. but beware… u cant delete account.. all function very good.. super voice quality.. MSG sending speed very good.. But u cant delete or deactivate your account. This Is Danger for your future privacy… which people who replace mobile number in frequently,. .. this is very bad.. so beware…. and use… this very good apps..
  • Best app for chat, video and voice in Android world Jio bit for Indian users is best app till date in Android for voice and video calls. The best is availability of conference for voice and video. Call quality and video quality is amazing. The only drawback is it is not available outside India and it seems it takes 20% of cpu of phone which is to be checked. Also need to check the impact on battery. If jio chat is made available across the world I think we can safely move over from whatsapp to jio chat

Cons of Reliance Jio Apps.

Stuck at SMS verification step, I am using ASUS ZenFone 5. The installation is stuck at the SMS verification part. as I am not getting any SMS from the server. Please look into this issue.

  • Worse app Worse app while video calling only u can see is your this app isn’t get open it just stuck to jio chat and the worse thing it automatically changes my last seen wtf
  • Not working …… buzzing sound create while video calling very very poor .like unprofessional developer…. Poor developers design.
  • I will better use Hike. The app is not opening now. It was properly working for some time initially but now it is not even starting.
  • Worst application Invite sent is not having any details instead its asking to msg back to a number to get the details to earn money.

(Ref-Above jio chat app review is collective from Google play store app reviews.)

Know more about Reliance Jio Network,

Download Jio Chat(reliance jio apps) is now available for Android and iOS devices.

Download Reliance Jio Apps for Android and iOS devices.

Other digital services Reliance jio apps include.

  • Music streaming service Jio Beats.
  • Live TV & catch-up TV service Jio Play.
  • Video on demand service Jio On-demand.
  • Online newspaper service Jio News. that claims to allow users read hundreds of traditional newspapers across different languages and editions.
  • Online magazine service Jio Mags.
  • A friends locator app Jio Friends.


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