Is Solar Energy Segments an Investment for the Future?

Why does solar energy so Important? The world is a place, that continuously changing day by day. It is very much in different just a few decades ago (in terms of solar technology). We all know that major world economy is depending on the fossil fuels as the only way to produce energy. The main source of energy is coal, oil, natural gas, etc a major player in the field of energies around the world. But, the present time is a midway position for the energy segment worldwide. We are come to know the side effects and harm of using fossil fuels and know their impacts on our life and our planet, lots of solar companies and major countries are joining the renewable energies sources. That is the main reason, where solar energy comes in to picture.

Yes, one of those renewable energy technologies comes in the form of solar energy installations. And here is not an issue using any solar energy companies. If you are utilizing solar energy solar power, you are investing in the better future. In this article below, we will discuss how solar energy is the way of the future with no harm and will be a major player in the energy game for the coming future of the entire planet. Also, we see pros and cons of solar energy with advantages and disadvantages of green energy.

Importance of Solar Energy (Clean Energy)

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Solar Energy Trends in Future:

1. Renewable energy is the way of the future.

In present times, with the latest technological innovations in the field of solar energy systems, powering your house from the sun is become affordable in comparison to fossil fuels. This phenomenon is really important because we are always in the mind sets that oil or gas is a much cheaper alternatives for any types of energy in day to day use. But, that’s slowly and surely changing with increasing investments by governments and companies in free solar panels program around the world.

In the advanced and developed countries in the world, the solar power growth is incremental and continuously rises day by day. That’s why renewable energy is the way of the future of world energy segments. As the solar energy systems price keeps decreasing, more and more people will use for their daily energy needs.

2. A revolutionary development in the solar power industry.

As we are seeing around the world, there is a revolutionary development undergoes in the green energy segments. In present years, it is picking up more speed and momentum to the development of cheap and affordable solar power. This revolutionary situation is arising because of the requirement of larger countries to generate more and more power to sustain with growing population. Countries like China and Brazil are using solar energy to power their peoples need. That will happen because of the development of affordable and efficient solar panels technology than traditional fossil fuels.

For example, over the last five years, the capacity cost for solar photovoltaic has dropped over 80% because of the high production of solar panels that are coming out of China. And with the Paris Climate Agreement being signed, this revolution is going to continue as more and more countries aim to meet their carbon-cutting goals.

3. An investment in sustainability.

Global investor lobby is looking for the upcoming solar energy companies’ development for investments. Because it is safe and efficient investment alternative in upcoming worldwide trends in energy segments. That is not appearing before few years. Because cost of solar panels and solar technology expenses are very high. Plus, more companies than ever before are implementing Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives as part of their three and five-year plans. That means more companies are going to be investing in renewable technologies like solar in order to make an impact while having great financial returns. That combination of profit and impact is at the center of what makes solar such a fantastic energy source. Those two factors don’t have to be mutually exclusive.

A few years before, solar panels are so expensive and limited to use of small percentage of the population. But, no one would think that solar power would increase their wings so fast. And all the speculation will change with the start of a revolution in renewable energy technology and adaptation of the society. Today, no one knows that after few decades, where the world will go? But, solar energy and renewable power will play a major role in it for sure. We all know Tesla is one of the leading names in the innovation of solar power technology.

This is the brief about solar energy and solar power technology future trends. Now we are seeing advantages and disadvantages of solar technology.

Top Advantages of Solar Energy.

Here are the important pros of solar power and solar energy system for your knowledge.

Solar electricity is free.

Since the sun does not belong to any government, corporation or person, it has not yet been taxed. This means that once solar panels are fitted, the energy harnessed is absolutely free.

Solar systems are low maintenance.

Once solar lights are installed, it does not cost much to maintain them. Good quality solar lights last for decades without the need to service or maintain them.

Solar energy is clean energy.

Fossil fuels, which are at the moment the main source of the world’s energy, release toxic chemical compounds such as carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, and other greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. This is one of the main causes of climate change and global warming effects. Mining for fossil fuels causes the destruction of forests and the pollution of our environment. Additionally, there have been numerous cases of oil pipelines leaking into streams, rivers, seas, and soil over the years. These pipeline leakages have corroded our soil and led to the poisoning of ground water affecting the planet’s flora, fauna, marine life, and humans on a large scale.

However, solar power is an alternate source of clean and renewable energy. It neither pollutes the environment nor destroys forest cover.

Solar energy is renewable energy.

Actually, Solar energy which converts the sun’s light and heat into electricity is renewable and inexhaustible until the death of our sun, which would take around 5 billion years. Solar panels are fitted with photo voltaic cells that convert the ever abundant sun’s rays into electrons and turn it into electricity.

Multiple uses of solar systems.

Solar Energy is generally associated with lighting up houses, streets, communities, villages, towns and so on. However, solar energy is not restricted to this. There are multiple other uses such as heating water at home, keeping houses warm, powering vehicles, powering airplanes, cooking, powering calculators, watches, clocks and much more.

Solar technology conserves wildlife.

Fossil fuels destroy our planet’s eco system and forests. Leaving tens of thousands of species of birds, animals, and insects homeless. Due to this many of our planet’s species face mass extinction. There are so many species that have been eradicated from the face of the Earth. While thousands of others are on the verge of extinction. We can take solace in the fact that this form of renewable energy does not cause any damage to our planet, thus allowing the world’s ecosystems to thrive.

Solar power system saves water.

Water is an ingredient that is used to generate electricity. There is, however, a shortage of fresh water throughout the world. The use of solar energy does not require the use of water. Since the energy from the sun is plentiful, solar energy indirectly helps in the conservation of water.

Though there are seemingly loads of advantages when it comes to generating electricity through solar energy, there are a few disadvantages as well.

Top Disadvantages of Solar Energy:

Here are some most common cons of solar energy to know, but this is almost negligible in comparison to gain from solar energy.

Solar energy is initially expensive.

The cost of setting up a solar power plant is high. This is due to the demand and supply curve. As the demand for solar energy increases, the cost would also decrease in time. However, since the energy generated after installation is absolutely free, in the long run, it works out to be the most inexpensive option for power generation.

Sunlight availability for solar power.

Though there is no shortage of sunlight on our planet, there are places in where the sun’s rays barely reach the surface. It is also possible that more than one solar panel may be required to light up a house depending on the amount of sunlight available. Some parts of the world are too cloudy, shady or windy to effectively generate solar energy and light, which reduces the effectiveness of solar energy.

Reliability over solar energy.

Solar energy is very dependable. However, not all solar panels work at night. If the solar panels are not charged enough during the day, the efficiency is reduced. It would then not be reliable enough to provide a good amount of power to sustain an entire household or village.

Solar panels installation space.

Installing solar panels at home or in corporate and IT parks require a good deal of empty land that is exposed to the sun. Due to this factor, not too many companies or houses have installed solar panels.

The inefficiency of solar technology.

Most solar panels are not 100% efficient. This means that even though a good amount of electricity is generated using solar energy, about 60% of energy ends up being wasted, while only 40% is actually utilized. To counter this, one has to conduct proper research and make sure that the solar panel being used is set up right and manages to harness most of the sun’s rays in order to produce a good amount of electricity and increase its efficiency.

Know more about Solar Power Innovation around the World:

The conclusion of solar energy future: We are going over the future of solar energy segments worldwide with pros and cons of solar power production and technological limitations. But, this is one of the fastest growing sectors of solar industries. We are here something new about solar panel innovations or use of solar power in different ways. Now a day’s automobile, household power supply, etc come under the roof of solar technology. Hope to grow with their best efficient way to feed the global population in a clean way. Stay tuned for time to time updates regarding solar power technology innovations.


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