Facebook Fake News Tool: Easier to flag fake articles on FB News Feed

Facebook Fake News Tool: Facebook said users will find it easier to flag fake articles on their News Feed as a hoax. And it will work with organizations such as fact-checking website Snopes. ABC News and the Associated Press to check the authenticity of stories.

Facebook Fake News Tool Introduce to Curb Rumors

At first Zuckerberg dismissed these criticisms, arguing that “the idea that fake news on Facebook… Influenced the election in any way is a pretty crazy idea”.

The world didn’t buy it, the pressure continued, and Facebook eventually conceded. That maybe it did have a role to play in a functioning democracy.

Facebook Fake News Tool,

The company said disputed stories may appear lower in its news feed, adding that once a story is flagged. It cannot be promoted.

If such organizations identify a story as fake, Facebook said, it will get flagged as “disputed.” And be linked to the corresponding article explaining why.

Facebook Fake News Tool:

The effort by Facebook is intended to focus on the “worst of the worst” of clear hoaxes created by “spammers for their own gain,” Adam Mosseri, Facebook’s vice president in charge of its News Feed, said in a blog post.

For example, you should be vary of articles on sites whose addresses, or URLs, that end in “,” writes Melissa Zimdars, a communications professor at Merrimack College whose own list of “fake news” sites went viral. (She has since taken it down and published a more general guide .)

You can also check the website’s “about” page, its list of contacts, and other stories and photos on it. Poke around a little; if things look less-than-official, you’re probably on a spoof site.

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These are just some examples of viral stories circulated on social media recently that are completely untrue.

Facebook Messenger Camera Updates like Snapchat Features.

Facebook stated that the new camera will be faster and easier-to-use. Functioning as an alternative to the keyboard. The Messenger camera now has thousands of masks, effects and stickers.

But this isn’t the only change to Messenger. Facebook debuted a section with a blank canvas for adding art and stickers to text messages. This allows users to bring their own personal touch to text messages.

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