Google search feature: How To Disable The Google Search Feature In Your Mobile, If you are fed up of the Google Search option in your new Google-operated smartphones(mobile), there is an app that can take care of this problem.

Developer Adrian Campos has made an app called Swipeup Utility, which lets you assign a new function to the swipe feature, or disable it altogether. So, lets check how to deal with this.

Disable Google Search Feature

When you install this app and open it, you would need to assign an app to the gesture or choose to ‘Do Nothing’.

Google Search Feature2

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After that, when you swipe the screen, you would be give two options to choose from. Select ‘Google Now Swipe Disabler’ and you set this function as default, which would save you the trouble of doing it again and again.

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If you want, you can clear the default from the ‘Settings’ of your Mobile.

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