How To Instagram Security Feature

A new update has come to Instagram. Regarding the new update, the company says that this security checkup will tell people how to keep the account safe. If a user’s account has been hacked earlier or if the data of his account has been leaked, then the users will get information about it.

Users will get notification of security checkup even before new login. Users of many countries can also keep Instagram account secure through their account, although this facility is not currently available in India.

Instagram Security Check Feature:Will secure the account from hackers, know the process to activate this feature

Instagram Security Check Feature:Will secure the account from hackers, know the process to activate this feature
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Check login activity for account hack information
If you want to know whether your account is hacked or not, first login to your Instagram account through the app. After this, go to the settings and check the login activity. In this, you will see a list of all the devices in which your account has been recently logged in.

Account keeping process

Two Factor Authentication
Enable Two Factor Authentication in Instagram account through your mobile number. You can also use Duo Mobile or Google Authentication for this.

Update e-mail and phone number
Always keep the email and phone number with your account up to date. Update immediately if e-mail or phone numbers are changing.

Do not consider every message as Instagram In the
last several months, there have been cases that direct messages have been sent to people from the account of Instagram, which was completely fake. Instagram does not send messages to its users.

Login Request On After login request is turned on, you will get a notification every time you login, just like you get with Gmail and Facebook. This is part of two factor authentication. The advantage of this will be that as soon as your account is logged on any device, you will get a notification.

Two-Factor Authentication With the help of
WhatsApp, Instagram can soon give its users a new feature related to two-factor authentication. With the new feature, users will be able to send the authentication code to WhatsApp Messenger or WhatsApp Business while logging into Instagram. Till now, users only get the option to send this code to their phone number via SMS.

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