How to share Location in iPhone Or Android in Real Time

Hello Folks,….. How to share Location in iPhone Or Android in Real Time is required when your friends keep calling you every 5 minutes to ask how far you are when you’re stuck in rush hour traffic? Or Mom won’t stop worrying if you’re alive after moving to a new city?

There’s a way out of this: voluntary location sharing apps. These apps are specially designed to give access about your specific location to your friends and family when you want.

How to share Location in iPhone Or Android in Real Time

The apps support live updates for share location in iPhone so your friends can see you inching towards them with time. Some of the share location in iPhone apps generate a unique link accessible from any browser, which means your friends don’t need to be using the same mobile OS as you. Which are the best apps? Read on to find out.


Open the app (iOS, Android) and tap the big G icon to get started. Tap the send a glympse button. Here you can select the phone number or email of the friend you want to share location in iPhone with.



The link auto expires after a set time. The default is 30 minutes and the max share time is 4 hours.



Jink is a cross-platform app (iOS, Android) made specifically to solve the problem of share location in iPhone or android whenjink

Both parties can set the destination, join meet-ups and once you’ve reached the destination, the tracking stops automatically.

Jink allows you to track multiple parties on the same map.


Life360 (iOS, Android) is a family tracking app that, depending on your point of view, is either the best app ever or the worst.


Life360 lets you track every move your family member makes, quite literally, all the time. Thankfully they need to have the app installed

life360-kadva-2 Use this share location in iPhone or android app if you’re pretty close with your family or have a young child with a smartphone. Just don’t suggest this idea to your angsty teenager, or if you do, don’t tell them you got it from me!

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So, Friends this is all about How to share Location in iPhone Or Android in Real Time and I hope you are enjoy it.

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