Private Outdoor Courtyard in Modern Indian House Architecture

Recently Indian Architectural Firm Cadence Architects complete a Residence, With Private Outdoor Courtyard With Landscape in Modern Indian House Architecture. This modern house is located within a dense area of Bangalore’s neighborhood. Architect adopts design methodology, like introvert house planning with private outdoor courtyard. This ‘B-one’ House plot measuring 45ft by 90ft. This ‘B-one’ House Design planning in H-shaped, plan around a private outdoor courtyard. This private outdoor courtyard positioned in such a way. That became a focal point of modern house design. Also, entire Indian house design evolves around that private courtyard.

Modern House Plan with Private Outdoor Courtyard Landscape

main facade lighting of pushpavan indian house in begaluru

contemporary house elevation in bangalore with courtyard in side

When we entered house plot, first we see high canopy over the main facade of the contemporary house. This canopy covered a bold predominately opaque facade element, punctured with a grouping of small apertures.

That bold sculptural elevation design feature high above the ground and place below the canopy. This sculptural elevation feature give a strong visual identity, when we see a house from the street.

Entrance Canopy with integrated facade of modern indian house

a bold sculptural feature elevated above the ground in front elevation design of indian house

Cadence architects has articulated a direct contrast between the facade and the sculpture appendage — articulated in terms of both materialism and form.

Modern Private Outdoor Courtyard House Fact File

private outdoor courtyard in modern indian house desing

private outdoor courtyard,

  • Project Name: B-one
  • Typology: residential.
  • Built up area: 5,700 sqf /530 sqm.
  • Site area: 4,000 sqf / 372 sqm.
  • Location: Bangalore, India.
  • Completion: 2016
  • Structural consultant: S & S
  • Landscape consultant: 3fold design.
  • Photography: Sergio ghetti.

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