You Are Losing Money If You Don’t Know Super Built Up Area

3. Super Built-up Area (Sale Area).

  • Definition of Super Built-up Area:

Here I am not saying the definition of Super Built-up area because there is no such definition is exist. But only thumb rules are working for calculating for super built up area in market. But in simple words ” Super built-up area is the built up area plus proportionate area of common areas“.


Here marked area is represent common Built-up area.

Super built up area is a unique money-making concept by builders in Residential and Commercial complexes. This is built up area + (area occupied by common amenities like lifts, corridors, awnings, club house, stairs)/ number of appts. Rule of thumb – super built up is around 28 to 30% more than carpet area. However sometimes it can be up to 50% more.


In addition of above there are many other factors like, site of property, market demands, face value of property developers and their services, quality of workmanship, etc.

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So, Friends this is it as per my knowledge and experience. it may use in some one’s life may be or may not but some body says ” Knowledge is always better than Ignorance”. 😉

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