Most Creative Design Spirit In Madison Residence Kansas City, Missouri

Hello Folks,….. Find Creative Design Spirit In Madison Residence by KEM Studio have designed the Madison Residence, a home in Kansas City, Missouri.

The goal of this project was to break conventional notions of what we “need” in a house and design for the clients specific lifestyle.

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Creative Design Spirit In Modern Home Design

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KEM STUDIO went through a comprehensive research process to define the parameters of the project, analyze the clients lifestyle and develop a clear idea for the project. The big idea centered around 3 principals.

First was to be modern, minimal and sustainable: focus on the experience with volume, light and interactions more than square footage.

Second was to emphasis the interaction of the house with the site and hillside: draw from the owner’s rural background and her unconventional, creative interpretations.

Third was to be super efficient: the budget is very modest and the clients desire is to have very little waste, a high level of sustainability and low maintenance.

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creative design spirit,The design met those goals and responded to her lifestyle as a writer, musician, runner, cinephile and creative design spirit.

Functionally it translates into a 1,200 sf, 2 bedroom, 2 bath home on a modest budget.