The 5 Best Parental Control Apps for Android

Nowadays, kids are widely using smartphone or tablet or learning, playing games or watching movies. Some are also used to communicate with their friends and family. But the internet is a scary place and your kid might abuse the internet. So you must track their activities and with the help of some parental control apps, you can easily do it.

Top Parental Control Apps for Android

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The 5 Best Parental Control Apps for Android-

Different parental control comes with different features including call tracking, SMS Tracking, Social Media Chatting tracking, Use of app controlling and much more. You just need to install those parental control app on your kid’s device to monitor them. So here, we are going to share some Best Parental Control Apps for Android.

Latest Parental Control Apps

All of these apps come with various unique features that will help to track your kid’s activity easily.

Kaspersky Safe Kids

The best bargain among the best parental control apps

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Very affordableLots of free featuresMonitors PCs, Macs tooConfusing user interfaceWeb portal slow at times

Like Qustodio, Kaspersky Safe Kids lets you monitor your kids’ activities on PCs and Macs as well as on smartphones. Even better, Kaspersky’s paid tier is only $15 per year (there’s a 7-day free trial) and its free plan lets you set time limits, filter websites and manage other apps.

Kaspersky’s location tracking and geofencing work in both iOS and Android, as do its web monitoring and device scheduling. But app management is limited on iOS, and the iOS app can’t monitor calls or texts at all.

Likewise, a new feature that lets you block specific kinds of YouTube searches, and review YouTube search history if you’re a paid user, works on Windows, iOS and Android, including the YouTube Android app — but not on Macs.

Still, if you don’t feel a need to read your kids’ text messages, then Kaspersky Safe Kids is well worth considering.

In March 2019, Kaspersky Lab filed an antitrust complaint against Apple for allegedly forcing the removal of features from Kaspersky Safe Kids, part of a crackdown on parental-control apps. Apple in June 2019 relaxed some of those restrictions, but the Kaspersky case continued. In August 2020, the Russian antitrust authorities ordered Apple to reverse its changes. We’ll have to wait and see what Apple does.

SecureTeen Parental Control

The SecureTeen Parental Control is one of the most popular and widely used parental control apps for Android devices. The app comes with various attractive features to monitor your kids online as well as offline activities.

We know that mature content available on the internet and these are harmful to our kids. The SecureTeen app won’t allow your kids to visit those websites and won’t allow downloading any mature related apps. The built-in app category features also available to download apps only from selected categories.

You can also set daily screen time option so that your kid won’t use the tablet or smartphone more than a specific time. The let you monitor all incoming and outgoing calls and SMS from your kid’s device. You can also see and control their saved contacts information. The most attractive feature is, the SecureTeen can track all Facebook activities of your kids.

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Google Family Link

Google Family Link is our first choice for parental control. Your kids get the freedom of using their phone and you get satisfaction of seeing everything. We recommend Family Link first because it has so many features and it also integrates directly into the Android OS itself, a feature none of these other apps have.

Some of the features include the ability to see all the apps your kids use, see their location, see their usage habits, and you can lock the device if you want them to chill out on the phone for a while. The only downside is the set up process. That one is a bit of a pain, but we have a tutorial on how to do it here if you need it.


Kids Place – Parental Control

The Kids Place – Parental Control is actually an Android Launcher App that helps parents to control their kid’s device activity. Using the app, you can select specific apps or games that your kid can open. You can also block download options so that kids can’t download any new apps or games.

This is a completely free app, you don’t need to create an account to use this app. Like the previous one, the Kids Place also comes with screen timeout option. You can set screen time limit so that your kid can’t use Android device for a long time.

The app also supports multiple user accounts and can set different apps, games or user conditions for different profiles. The app can disable all incoming or outgoing calls and SMS when it active on any device. Overall, this is an ideal parental control app for babies, toddlers & teenagers.

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Kids Zone Parental Controls

If you are looking for a parental control app with multiple functions and features, then you can consider the Kids Zone Parental Controls. This is really easy to setup and uses the Kids Zone parental control app. As this is a free app, so anyone can use it.

Just download and install the app on your kid’s device (Android smartphone or Tablet). Active and open the app. Create a child profile and select your desired apps or games for kids. Change the wallpaper and select a PIN code and it’s done.

The app blocking feature is amazing of this app. The app won’t allow your kid to open any unauthorised apps or games. They also can’t download new apps/games. Even if they click on any ads, the app will automatically block the app. The app also blocks app purchases option from any app marketplace including Google Play Store.

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AppLock by IvyMobile

An app lock is an excellent way to keep kids out of apps on your phone. This is mostly for parents with younger kids who use the parent’s phone to watch YouTube Kids or play kids games.

An app lock puts a password on your other apps. Thus, if your kids get back to the home screen and start clicking on sensitive stuff like your Facebook app or your banking app, they can’t get any further.

We have a whole list of these, but IvyMobile’s is free and relatively simple to use. This should keep kids away from the sensitive stuff until they’re old enough to know better.


 MMGuardian Parent App

If you want to monitor and remotely control your child device, then the MMGuardian Parent App could be the best option. This is one of the top-rated parental control apps comes with several unique and attractive features.

The app allows to block SMS, incoming or outgoing calls as well as can filter websites for safe browsing. The app tracking option helps to block apps and games that’s are harmful to your kids.

You can track SMS or call and view full SMS and call history. The location sharing option helps to find your kid’s real-time location based on GPS Signal.

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Qustodio allows you to set time limits for individual devices and individual apps, and has a wide feature set.

Platform: Android, iOS, and Kindle


  • Apps can be blocked on tablets and smartphones.
  • Includes a panic button.
  • Tracks your child’s Android device on a map.
  • Time limits can be customized using the Multiple Device Scheduler across devices.
  • Allows you to see who your child texts or calls the most, and set a list of allowed or blocked contacts on Android devices.


  • Expensive.
  • Social media tracking is only limited to Facebook.
  • VPN breaks web filter on the desktop browsers.

Net Nanny for Android

The Net Nanny for Android is our last recommended and best parental control apps for Android. This is a premium parental control app that you can also use for free if you download from Amazon.

The app can filter 18 different categories to keep your child secure from scary websites, apps or games. You can also manage times and set how much time your kid can use the device. Some other attractive feature is age filtering, application management, real-time content analysis, Internet protection, etc.

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Final Thoughts

Keep your family and kids protected from the evil online world with the help of tools, software, and apps. And these are some best parental control apps that you can use on Android Tablet or Smartphone or keep your child safe.

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