Targeting HR Professionals Using Database Marketing

Are you a recruitment firm or human resources consultancy that supplies candidates to various companies across industries? Or are you a B2B or B2C business that wants to sell its products or services to HR professionals? In either case, you need an HR email database or HR executives list that enables your marketers in their digital marketing efforts to target HR professionals. This article helps you to know more about database marketing and how to specifically target HR professionals.

HR Professionals – An Intro

Any human resource profile usually deals and interacts with valuable resources – within an organization or before to recruiting them in their company. HR professionals are those graduates with bachelor’s degrees who also become eligible for management positions during their career path. And, those with master’s degrees in human relations get into directorial and senior-level management roles.

Human resource specialists are usually involved in the screening, interviewing, recruiting, or placing of workers. Further, they also handle employee relations, payroll, and training within an organization. Human resources managers are involved in coordinating administrative functions in an organization and they also consult with executives on strategic planning – they are the link between the company’s management and its employees.

HR specialists focus specifically on a single task – for example, recruiting or training. On the other hand, HR generalists are involved in handling several areas and tasks at a time. This can be well understood by knowing the typical daily tasks that any HR worker handles when compared to that handled by any HR manager.

  • HR workers or generalists are involved in consultations with employers to identify needs and preferred qualifications for a post to be recruited, interview relevant applicants, do background checks, inform applicants about job roles, hire or refer qualified candidates, conduct orientations for newly joined employees, process paperwork, etc.
  • HR managers are involved in planning and coordinating of their workforce to optimize their talent and experience, resolving issues that could arise between management and employees, advise managers on various policies being implemented, coordinating and supervise tasks carried out by specialists and staff, monitoring recruitment and hiring process, direct disciplinary steps if required, etc.

Database Marketing

The size of the data collected by businesses keeps growing exponentially. And, this data has helped businesses to grow their insight opportunities by using various marketing automation tools. It has indeed empowered marketers to put this data into action – especially in their digital marketing efforts. To put things in perspective straightaway, relevant data forms the backbone of any digital marketing campaign – especially true when it is database marketing. Therefore, businesses need to have a focused database marketing strategy.

Database marketing might not be a new thing, and also, just having huge data is not enough. Data analysis is the core activity that any modern marketing strategy needs to implement to derive maximum benefits accruing out from their digital marketing efforts.

There are several benefits associated with database marketing. It helps to make marketing communications more targeted and improves its efficiency. Database marketing helps to develop customer relationships and generate loyalty. Marketers use database marketing to give a personalized experience to their prospects and customers. Further, database marketing enables a business to get valuable customer feedback and offer them improved services.

Why Should Marketers Target HR Professionals?

It’s interesting to note that human resources professionals get overwhelmed when they receive marketing and sales emails that highlight their business. And, further, the human resources market can influence many purchasing decisions within the organization the work in. That’s why it becomes a lucrative segment of professionals for marketers to target.

Most purchasing decisions are influenced by HR professionals than any other professionals from any other department of an organization. Though HR professionals might be rarely the primary decision-makers with their budgets being tight and annually fixed, the fact is that key and senior HR professionals in an organization can be considered to be the gatekeepers to the upper management.

Most of the time it so happens that marketers and salespeople do not have a proper idea about HR activities when approaching or reaching them. Therefore, marketers need to know the roles and responsibilities of HR professionals before targeting them with their digital marketing campaigns. Accordingly, marketers should communicate with the influential section within a company, and target specialists with relevant and meaningful messaging.

Ways To Create Your HR Database – Lead Generation

Consumer product companies, banking services, mediclaim policy providers are some of the businesses that focus on HR professionals as part of their targeted marketing strategy. And, marketing to these professionals can be quite dicey. HR professionals need a lot of products and services – it ranges from employee benefits solutions to managing purchasing stationaries.

Cold calling, cold emailing, and personalization are ways in which marketers target their audience. But marketers need robust databases before starting any of their marketing campaigns. It could either be in the form of HR email databases or HR executive lists. And these databases or lists should be up-to-data and verified so that there are fewer bounce rates and do not violate any guidelines that are in effect. Digital marketers can obtain such databases either generating it in-house through the various lead generation methods. However, if they are in a hurry, they could even obtain them from a reputed data provider. Let’s look at the ways how it can be generated in-house before moving on to see the benefits of obtaining readily available databases.

Interact with Prospects for their Needs

Today, there will be no business that does not have a website. After all, we are living in a highly digitized world! If for example say, a prospect who is looking for a particular product or services reaches your website after a Google search you should be in a position to interact with them. And, this is possible by implementing a live chat service. This way you can get the contact details and further initiate a conversation via phone or email to showcase your offerings.

Leverage the Power of Social Media

Be it a B2C company or B2C company, social media has caught the fancy of one and all and there is hardly anyone who does not have a social media account. For marketers, it’s become one of the most trusted platforms for lead generation. If you are planning to generate leads online, you need to increase your visibility on social media, and further opt for your marketing and advertising plan there – FacebookInstagramLinkedIn, or Twitter are among the popular social media platforms. In case, you are new to social media advertising and marketing, you may take the help of an external agency or consultancy that specializes in it. It’s always better to save funds instead of wasting them on any trial-and-error methods.

Online Researching

Tools like Google and LinkedIn are great platforms to search your leads and add them to your database. This is especially helpful once you have defined your customer segment – for example, if you plan to target the HR heads or HR managers, etc.

Maximize Offline Methods

Though we are in a highly digitized world where online presence matters, it is foolhardy for any business to ignore the traditional methods of lead generation. By attending or conducting events, you are going to collect a lot of business cards and contact information. Adding these contact details to the database and later sending introductory emails and offers to those prospects can help you to create your footprints.

Advantages Of Obtaining Readily Available Databases

There could be times when marketers wish to implement their email marketing strategy to target HR professionals in various corporates. In such a scenario, the world needs companies’ addresses with HR email lists. Further, there could be marketers trying to reach HR professionals specifically in a particular area, for example, HR contact detail of companies in Bangalore. And, there could be instances when marketers would want to target the decision-makers segment and accordingly looking out to reach HR managers wherein they would require a list of human resource managers.

When marketers suddenly decide to target a particular group of professionals or those based in a particular region or area, it is next to impossible for any in-house lead generation team to create such databases or data lists at the press of a button. Lead generation is a time-consuming process and needs a dedicated team of professionals. And, that’s the reason why start-ups and small businesses may not be able to opt for it. Obtaining a readily available human resource emails’ list or HR contacts database is the best option for these companies. However, a word of caution – While buying your database of HR managers or HR executives list, always ensure to approach a reputed data provider. Doing so can save you from the pains of experiencing bounce rates when cold calling or cold emailing.

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