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Green Coffee On Wall – Ideas Of Kindness Around The World

After a few days, we had a chance to go to this coffee shop again. While we were enjoying our coffee, a man poorly dressed entered. As he seated himself, he looked at the wall and said, ‘One cup of coffee from the wall’.  Also, I love this coffee shop at ‘Lusty Mediterranean Restaurant Interior of Kessalao in Bonn, Germany’

The waiter served coffee to this man with the customary respect and dignity. The man had his coffee and left without paying.

We were amazed to watch all this, as the waiter took off a piece of paper from the wall and threw it in the dust bin. Now it was no surprise for us – the matter was very clear. The great respect for the needy shown by the inhabitants of this town made our eyes well up in tears.

Ponder upon the need of what this man wanted… He enters the coffee shop without having to lower his self-esteem… he has no need to ask for a free cup of coffee… without asking or knowing about the one who is giving this cup of coffee on wall to him. He only looked at the coffee on wall, placed an order for himself, enjoyed his coffee and left.

… probably the most beautiful wall you may ever see anywhere….!!!

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This is also inspiring in life,

‘Cup of Coffee on Wall’

Just loved it.

Coffee on wall :–A story from Murlidhar Gupta

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